You Know, It’s Just Damn Awkward When You Finally Figure Out

…you’ve been had. And the only recourse open…is to clam shut.

Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising

…a de facto boycott by many of their wealthiest givers, who have been put off by the party’s harsh rhetoric about big business.

….The vast majority of those declines were accounted for by the absence of large donors who, strategists say, have shut their checkbooks in part because Democrats have heightened their attacks on the conduct of major financial firms and set their sights on rewriting the laws that regulate their behavior.

Any “Joe the Plumber” could have told them that, but I guess there are some lessons in life best learned first-hand. Still…it’s gotta sting.

Going forward, there is mid-term hope that this awakening will produce a seismic Congressional shift (“…The [Dem.] party will have to work furiously to defend at least six Senate seats and as many as 40 in the House, including many snatched from Republicans.“). If ever you needed any impetus distilled to a nutshell for changing course, I’ve got the best reason right here, straight from the jackass’s horse’s mouth:

…”If they take them back, this is the end of the road for what Barack and I are trying to do,” Vice President Biden said Monday…

Now that’s “hope”.

3 Responses to “You Know, It’s Just Damn Awkward When You Finally Figure Out”

  1. nightfly says:

    Good ol’ Sheriff Joe. The best thing about this whole sorry Administration is how the truth escapes Biden’s mouth before his foot goes in.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    George Soros bought the Democratic Party for $230 million some years back. Which means his investment is looking a bit shaky right now. He’s gonna have to kick in more to keep the federal money pouring his way or put a big-time squeeze on all those donor lists he controls on the Dems’ behalf.

    I, for one, think they need not worry. Kickbacks and shakedowns from contractors with federal contracts to keep the coffers full. That’s the Chicago Way.

  3. Gunslinger says:

    So the donks bit the hell out of the hands that fed them and they’re flabbergasted that they’re no longer being fed.

    It’s heartening to learn your enemy is that dense.

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