You Know

…I could give a rat’s patoot if Harriet Miers ever went to church a day in her life. I only care if she reveres the Constitution and will listen carefully and dispassionately to any arguments made before the Court. But you can’t flood the airwaves, touting how devout she is in a blatant effort to suck-up to the religious Right, yet then expect us to also believe that she never, ever said a word in passing about…you know. Like “…but I never inhaled”. The White House is handling this very, very badly.

10 Responses to “You Know”

  1. Rob says:

    I don’t understand why he has to suck up. I always thought the religious right were firmly convinced that GWB was “one of them”. That squeaky wheel never gets enough grease.

  2. Dave J says:

    Not only do I think Miers should not be confirmed, I’m starting to seriously think she won’t be, whether because she withdraws or she’s voted down at some stage or another in the process–ideally in the Judiciary Committee before ever being reported to the full Senate.
    As for Pat Robertson, etc., they can go fuck themselves.

  3. Nightfly says:

    Yeah, I had to cringe when I heard the whole, “B-b-b-but… she’s a Christian!” thing. For all his spine in foreign policy, GWB seems to have nothing but blubbery soft conservatism at home, and it’s almost a relief that I won’t have to vote for him again.
    It’s rather like what Thomas More said in Man For All Seasons, when his family urged him to have Richard Rich arrested for being bad, because it was against God’s law – “Then God can arrest him!”
    The LAST thing anyone needs is the Right trying to legislate from the bench in response to the Left having done it for years. The next-to-last thing anyone needs is people considered for high posts in the government because they’re “sound men” – people with whom we get along with in other contexts. Her faith does not qualify her for DC Dogcatcher, much less Supreme Court Justice. He should have done the right thing and re-submitted Janice Rogers Brown, if for no other reason than to let Ted Kennedy break his own record for Highest Dudgeon in Congress.
    What Dave said about Pat R, by the way, except in this context, I would include Specter and Leahy.

  4. Nobrainer says:

    For the most part I’ve been sitting on the fence, waiting to see what happened to her in the confirmation hearings. There of course is the chance she’ll incorrectly answer the question about her favorite colour only to be thrown over the edge into the volcano. Or she may be wise enough to ask whether the laden swallow is African or European.
    Either way, I was quite disappointed to see that her religious beliefs played a role in her nomination. At this point, the process is turning into such a magnificent failure that I’m starting to think it was done intentionally.

  5. I’m with Nobrainer wholeheartedly on this one. My first reaction, being an determined and eternal optimist, was “well, if even the Christian Right is pissed, maybe this is a good thing”. After all, someone who pushes EVERYone’s buttons might be pretty well-balanced. (see: MOI {8^P) I also read Beldar’s piece on her Texas Court cases which convinced me, while not Einstein, she wasn’t a legal mental lightweight. So I was willing to wait for the Greek Tragedy to unfold at the hearings.
    But now, I’m pretty pissed off the way the ‘religion’ thing is getting shoved down our throats, which is precisely the LAST thing I want to hear about. And I’m apparently not the only one, as the World News Tonight reported some pretty cranky fundamentalists out there, pissed that their faith is being trotted around for political coin.
    What Dave said about Pat R, by the way, except in this context, I would include Specter and Leahy...and Kennedy and Chuckie and Pat R’s righteous lunatic airways clogging friends, en toto. Because the one thing that could make me lose sleep at night (well, okay, next to the Yankees trading A-Rod) is the absolutely TERRIFYING, HORRIFIC thought that Pat Robertson or Mr. Dobson and their hateful, lunatic f*cking fringe ilk had ANY influence WHATSOEVER on the Supreme Court of MY United States.
    Sweet Baby Jesus. Perish the thought.

  6. Cullen says:

    I think she’s just biding her time before she takes over the galactic senate.
    Or not.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    [Empress Palatine-Miers]
    Everything is proceeding exactly as I have planned.
    [/Empress Palatine-Miers]

  8. Nightfly says:

    (well, okay, next to the Yankees trading A-Rod)
    One, two, three…. Awwwwww…..
    Seriously, think about what you could get for $25 million a year, besides the players. A-Rod to the Pale Hose for Joe Crede and Mark Buehrle? To Detroit for Bonderman and Inge? To the Twins straight up for Johan Santana? (Never happen, but dream for a minute.) Send him out of the league, say to Chi-Town to play next to Nomah, for Carlos Zambrano and Aramis Ramirez?
    Honestly, look at Seattle after he blew town, and the Rangers, who only need a couple of pitchers to be seriously competitive. I’d make any of the above five trades in a cold minute. Incidentally, I also imagine that the other teams (except maybe the Cubs, offering the weakest of the five packages) would NEVER consider it. What does that say?

  9. That you’re long winded?

  10. Nightfly says:

    Or, that you’re ducking the question… 😉

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