You Might Not Be Able to Get Your Summer White House Tour In

…but you’ll sure know when NOT to dip your wick if you sign up for the right FEDERAL program…and speak-a da “lingo”

$509K Federal Safe-Sex Study Will Text ‘Gay-Lingo’ to Meth Addicts

( – A $509,840 grant by the National Institutes of Health will pay for a study that will send text messages in “gay lingo” to methamphetamine addicts to try to persuade them to use fewer drugs and more condoms. The study began in February.

Lead researcher Dr. Cathy Reback of the Baltimore-based Friends Research Institute, Inc., told how she and her team of health educators will spend the next four years and over half a million dollars encouraging gay meth addicts to cut down on unprotected sex by periodically sending them “gay-specific” text messages.

“We did a pilot about four, five years ago with 52 out-of-treatment MSM (males who have sex with males),” Dr. Reback explained. “And we sent them text messages that were gay specific – used gay lingo – and made references to the connection between high-risk sex and methamphetamine use among MSM.”

The current study, she added, will test the effectiveness of using text messages to alter gay meth addicts’ behavior.

So what I wanted to do with this text messaging intervention was to optimize the opportunity to get these guys [to have safer sex] by sending text messages as opposed to ‘Come into my brick and mortar site that’s ten miles from your house, and come for a group [session].’ I mean – you know – okay maybe!” Dr. Reback explained.

“We have the technology to go beyond these brick-and-mortar interventions where you sit down with a counselor and you sit down in a group. … You know, send them text messages as they’re walking into a bathhouse, or while they’re getting dressed in their home, or on the computer to hook up with somebody.”

Think of it as a federally funded Whether-Or-Not-To-Get-LAID Alert.

Oh, GREAT idea for ALL my monies, okay, maybe…NOT!!!

Thanks to my buddy Cosmocon.

5 Responses to “You Might Not Be Able to Get Your Summer White House Tour In”

  1. Skyler says:

    I was just talking to the meth addicts that I meet in the child protective cases I work with. I noticed that all of them continue to use meth even though they are told that they should stop. I understand now, thanks to our Dear Leader’s initiatives, that I was using the wrong lingo.

    Does someone know how to translate, “stop using meth or you’ll never see your kids again” into gay lingo? Few of them are homosexuals, but I guess that’s the only words that will overcome the addiction.

  2. aelfheld says:

    It’s all because of the sequester.

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Umm. Maybe we should find out why these people need meth and address that instead? Nah, that’s leftish. Sorry.

    But sometimes, the anti-drug forces are a bit too much like ‘oh, we know best.’

  4. Kathy Kinsley says:

    There was a guy in my HS (1970s) who was a “speed freak” – we later found out there was some serious abuse going on in his home. No, you don’t want to know. I’d rather not know. But he got straightened out after it was found out. He got treatment, and the abuser got jail.

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