You Say You Want a Revolution?

It sounds like you might get one.

Bolivia’s largest agribusiness group said Wednesday it would form “self-defense” units to defend land it fears the country’s new leftist government will confiscate to give to the poor.
The National Farming Confederation said in a statement that it rejected President Evo Morales’ land reform policy and said he “was trying to destroy the country’s productive apparatus.”
The Morales administration rejected the idea.
“The government cannot accept their announcement because these groups are illegal and border on being criminal,” said Alfredo Rada, a deputy minister in charge of coordinating between the government and the country’s civil organizations.

Land reclamation has worked so well for Mugabe Inc., hasn’t it? I’m sure that’s who the NFC had in mind when they decided to organize before it starts.

2 Responses to “You Say You Want a Revolution?”

  1. Mark says:

    I imagine they’ve watched Zimbabwe and a few other places, and decided to do something now, as opposed to after they lose everything and the country goes down the toilet.
    This has the potential to get real interesting.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    It worked so well for the Bolsheviks, too.

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