Your Obama Administration Magical Economic News of the Day

That ROUSING durable goods nosedive is the worse in 3 1/2 YEARS and, well, what can you say about a leisurely GDP number in the low ONES, other than “THANKS for ALL the effort on our behalf“?

Four more years of this whiney douche-bag?

Telling you, won’t be much left after that.

What baffles me is his “likeability”, ’cause I haven’t seen one damn thing I could even STOMACH about him or his gang of toadies in, like, well, we’re talking years.

ths afterthought:

One Response to “Your Obama Administration Magical Economic News of the Day”

  1. ricki says:

    I agree with you on the likeability thing, but then again, I never understood why some of the awful kids in my junior high school were as popular as they were. They weren’t smart, they weren’t nice, they weren’t good at sports…

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