Yup. You’ve Got ~ Just GOT ~ to Love the Aussies!

Aussies abuzz with talk of Kidman wedding
Her marriage to Keith Urban expected this weekend in Sydney
…On Friday, Kidman, Urban and some high-profile guests drove out of her waterfront property amid rumors of a ceremony rehearsal. “The nerves are fine,” the Oscar-winning actress told reporters.
The fine points of the ceremony — expected Sunday night — remain top secret. But Kidman has been gracious and obliging, even sending out a case of beer for the paparazzi camped outside her harborside mansion Tuesday, her 39th birthday.(They sang “Happy Birthday” to her over the intercom.)

Now that’s a class act. I’m pretty sure there were no courtesy curbal libations delivered to campers in Namibia.
A VB in your honor, Ms. Kidman!

5 Responses to “Yup. You’ve Got ~ Just GOT ~ to Love the Aussies!”

  1. Free Foster’s? Where di I sign?

  2. Cheers to that, LL {8^P! And a warm Swill welcome!

  3. mojo says:

    Nice girl. Always wondered what she saw in that maniac. Other than the money and Hollywierd connections, I mean.

  4. Emily says:

    Even worse, in Namibia, Brad and Angie had the foreign press chucked out or denied visas by way of a government order. What gracious little colonial overlords they were, all the while congratulating themselves on the benevolent, tender care they have for Africa. You think the people of Namibia minded much that their streets went without police protection while the authorities were engaged in the far more important task of making sure Hollywood movie stars weren’t photographed while on vacation?
    Nicole Kidman’s a class act. Hollywood needs more like her.

  5. Hollywood needs more like her.
    That WOULD be California dreamin’…

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