Zucker Hits Iceberg

Whoa. DOG.

Makes you kind of wonder, even though le grand fromage is claiming that his failure to communicate the tawdry details of his clandestine work relationship are behind his ouster – ‘scuse em oui, “resignation” – if, in point of fact, it wasn’t CNN’s Titanic-like TANKING ratings that took him down like a housekeeper trapped in one of the storage closets.

Couldn’t have been their sex maniac problem. That’s been going on for, like, EVER, and they even gave Groovin’ With My Tubin Toobin HIS job back, so…couldn’t possibly be a “sex” thing.


Tucker should be a hoot and a holler tonight.

Maybe CNN should adopt a corporate headquarters cat…

2 Responses to “Zucker Hits Iceberg”

  1. JeffS says:

    Well, to borrow from another blogger:

    … let’s give Zucker some credit here: He was having sex with an adult. That makes him stand out in a positive way from other recent CNN sex scandals. Maybe he could use that as a bullet point on his resume: “• Not a pedophile.

  2. aelfheld says:

    Iceberg? Sunk by his own torpedo is more like it.

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