Fred Drops Out

A pity, but his heart never seemed to be in it. So now I guess we end up with some sort of McCain/Romney combination.

After A Full Generation Of Feminist Policies Women Still Lag Behind

It’s scandalous, really, and an issue that i hope Hilary addresses in the next debate

Men are drinking twice as much alcohol as women, figures for 2006 suggest.
Data from the Office for National Statistics suggest men drink an average of 18.7 units a week, compared with 9.0 units for women.
Some 21% of men, and 11% of women had drunk on at least five of the seven days before the survey was carried out.

We need urgent government action to solve this inequity!

Another Deployed Marine Suffers Horrific Wounds

…in the line of duty.

Bless her heart.

“Quite Frankly, You Don’t Even Look Like a Soldier…”

“You’re a small little [blank],”

That’s because he wasn’t a soldier, asshole.
He’s a MARINE.
Just like the Assistant State’s Attorney prosecuting your case…

…Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Kelly, (Marine Corps/Vietnam 1969-1972)

…and the judge hearing it.

…Judge O’Malley has also traveled, but in his youth. He was a police officer on the West Side during the riots before law school. And before that, he performed another public service.

Judge O’Malley served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1961-1964.

And, to a one, despite your most outrageous and egregious behavior (which warranted an immediate ass kicking of epic proportions on its own), they’ve been law abiding gentlemen to a fault.
And you still can’t show up to court on time?
Not the sharpest tack in the box, are you, Mr. Grodner? Thank God someone’s out there protecting your right to live your version of “stuck on stupid”.

Your Honor, ADA Kelly, Marines in the courtroom and the deployed Sgt. McNulty?
DAMN, you make me proud. Semper Fi.
And Sgt. McN? Stay safe, Leatherneck. And God speed.

“Peace, Eh?”

Oh, you bet. Sing it, my brother.

Thanks, Hot Air.

Burfday Lunch

As Sis so kindly pointed out, yesterday was my birthday, and I took the day off from work and was quite the lazy bumpkin at home. I did manage to rouse myself to make lunch, however

The burgers are from the Stock Yards; they are the trimmings from the divine Filets and NY Strips that they sell, and they’re sitting atop some thick slices of Maytag blue cheese.”
Orgasms on a bun, my friends.

Christmas Dinner

Oops, a little late in posting this. Here’s a quick pic of dinner on Christmas day

The steak au poivre is on the plates, and scattered about are the green beans, twice-baked potatoes, creamed spinach and the Torbreck Shiraz.
Merry Yumness to All!

So Today is Bingley’s Birthday !!

Besides a multiplicity of candleworks, according to Instapundit, he shares it with Cary Grant.
Funny. The two even look alike.

I mean, Bingley looked EXACTLY like this when the guy caught him in his plane…

It’s Hard To Believe

On one hand it doesn’t seem like it’s been this long, yet on the other it seems like it’s been forever. You see, 10 years ago today was the first time any of us ever heard the name “Monika Lewinsky.”
Oh sure we all heard the whispered stories about JFK and movie stars, but, I don’t know, maybe it should be chalked up to glassy-eyed nostalgia or foolish innocence, but the idea that the President, our President, would do something so base in the freakin’ White House for gosh’ sakes was just simply beyond my imagination, and it has forever scarred how we view both the office and its holder.

That Took Balls!

Well, okay.
It only took one.

Former Republican Congressman Indicted For Helping Taliban

My goodness

WASHINGTON (AP) – A former congressman and delegate to the United Nations was indicted Wednesday as part of a terrorist fundraising ring that allegedly sent more than $130,000 to an al-Qaida and Taliban supporter who has threatened U.S. and international troops in Afghanistan.
The former Republican congressman from Michigan, Mark Deli Siljander, was charged with money laundering, conspiracy and obstructing justice for allegedly lying about lobbying senators on behalf of an Islamic charity that authorities said was secretly sending funds to terrorists.

It looks like he’s given us a clue about his changed view earlier this year

Former Michigan congressman Mark Siljander will recount his spiritual journey in which he “discovered commonalities between Islam and Christianity” in Reconcilable Differences: The True Story of the Quest to Bridge the Divide Between Islam and Christianity, slated for a summer 2008 publication by HarperSanFrancisco. Siljander also served as US ambassador to the United Nations.

This should be interesting to watch.

Tree Hugging Earth Mother That I Am

…I can still tell when the pot is calling the kettle “terrorist”.

… Japanese officials said Sea Shepherd must agree not to attack the whaling vessel during any rendezvous to turn over the two protesters. Watson refused to comply, demanding an “unconditional” release.
“When people hold hostages and make demands, that’s the behavior of a terrorist organization,” he said. “I’m not going to acquiesce to their demands.”

Hillary Keeps It Fresh And Real

Oh yeah, she’s the one to vote for if you want change. How ridiculous an idea is that? The core of Bill’s argument is stolen from Yogi: She’s such an insider that she’s an outsider. It’s not like Obama is some refreshing agent of reform (no product of the Democratic Chicago Machine can ever really say he’s for ‘change’ with a straight face), but compared to Hillary…

“Absolutely Stupid”

Dear Obama
I know you’re kinda new to this whole Legislature thing, being in your first term and all (thanks Jeri!), but Civil Rights leaders don’t sign legislation into Law.

One Of The Bestest Guys In The World Needs Your Prayers

Tim Blair, a man I’m honored to call a friend, has cancer.

We’ve Come For Your Liver

In what seems to be a scene straight out of Monty Python, hell, in what is a scene straight out of Monty Python, the UK Government has decided that they can take your organs with out your consent

Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind a move to allow hospitals to take organs from dead patients without explicit consent.
Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, the Prime Minister says that such a facility would save thousands of lives and that he hopes such a system can start this year.
The proposals would mean consent for organ donation after death would be automatically presumed, unless individuals had opted out of the national register or family members objected.

Now that’s bad enough, but they are going even further: they are going to pressure hospitals to come up with ever larger numbers of “donors”

The Government will launch an overhaul of the system next week, which will put pressure on doctors and nurses to identify more “potential organ donors” from dying patients. Hospitals will be rated for the number of deceased patients they “convert” into donors and doctors will be expected to identify potential donors earlier and alert donor co-ordinators as patients approach death.

The outcome of this is clear: since it costs far more money to keep patients alive the UK system will devolve into little more than an organ farm. Hey, why waste time and money prolonging your life when they’ve got that back-log of transplants to attend to? Heck, the medicines they give you to cure whatever ails you might in fact harm some of your organs, and the hospitals do have their quotas to meet!

“A system of this kind seems to have the potential to close the aching gap between the potential benefits of transplant surgery in the UK and the limits imposed by our current system of consent,” Mr Brown writes.

Yes, allowing people to decide how their bodies are used is so limiting, isn’t it, Gordo? Such an archaic concept like “consent of the governed” is so limiting when you, the big happy friendly government want to “help” people, isn’t it?
Oh, but this is a policy from the Labour Party, so it can’t possibly be bad, right?

For Second I thought We Were Talking Episcopals

…or whack job Huckabee. Well, shoot, it’s only Presidential Candidate Obama’s church.
Peace, my brothers. As long as you’re the same color as everyone else.
And unless you’re one of those filthy ‘middleclass’ types.

Fred’s Supporters Turn Up The Pressure

Professor Bainbridge has the proof

The “Sick ET” line caused my coffee to go a’flyin’.

Oh, It’s Easy to Say Fred! Needs Metamucil

…when you’re already a little sh*t. There’s lots of pissiness flowing from your own campaign…

…A Huckabee spokesman suggested Thompson apparently can’t sell himself so is resorting to desperate tactics.

…because Fred!’s been using you as a Sani Wipe in the debates. So, before you dump on him again, you might want to stay loose, take a stool and watch your movement in the polls circle the bowl.

Ask yourself if losing No.2 is worth it.

So, That Means


…In broken English, one woman told Clinton how she wasn’t making money as a broker anymore.
“I have no income at all,” she said. “So how will I survive?”
Choking up with emotion, the woman said, “In my neighborhood, there are brand-new homes, but the value is nothing. I’m glad you are here so I can tell you, because you’re going to be the president, I know.”
A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

No woman is illegal,” Clinton said, to cheers.


Ken Is A Bad Boy

Funny as hell, mind you, but still baaaaaad.

That’s PETA for You

Always a tad LATE with their concern.

PETA Requests Vegetarian Diet in Jail for Cannibalism Suspect

But at least they’re helping. I supposed it was because no bunnies, moo-cows or piggies were harmed during the making of this particular dish.

We’ve Lost a Jaunty Fellow

The grandest social climber of all time.

Well DONE, sir. And God speed you (and keep you warm.)

More Proof Of Gorebal Warmening

Crisis! We must stop all carbon production now!!!

Scotland’s ski centres have had the “best snow for years” as a result of the country’s recent wintry weather.
All five of the country’s snow sports areas have opened early – an achievement which operators said was highly unusual.
All the areas reported superb snow, with most main runs complete and ample nursery areas.

A Scottish climate scientist examines the profound effects AGW is having on Scotland
Feel the Consensus.
Become the Consensus.

My View Going Home Today

Was nowhere near as purdy as Ann Althouse’s was this morning.
If I was a Philostopher I would find some deep significance in the allure of looking to the glowing City to the West over the tired one to the East…

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