So Now We’re Told That Because Yellen Is A Woman

We’re supposed to be enthusiastic and ecstatic that her being nominated to be Chair of the Fed will be so “historic.”

Just how well has placing people in important positions because of their skin color or what’s between their legs worked out for us?

You know would be really historic?

Nominating someone sensible.

Do The National Parks Belong To The People

Or do they belong to the Park Service?

Can someone in Congress please clarify this?

For The New Testament

I truly give my thanks


Some mornings you just have to go all in.

You Can Hide in the Bathtub or Walk REALLY Slowly BUT…

…if you ate the Kleenix, they always find you.

As If the MISERY Inflicted by This President Wasn’t ENOUGH…

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

A very strong blustery front coming in to Manhattan


As Mayor Bloombito Might Say

Yo smelleroso un doublero standardo y mierda.

Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on ‘closed’ National Mall

A planned immigration reform rally will take place on the National Mall on Tuesday even though the site is closed due to the government shutdown.

Organizers for the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” were spotted Monday setting up a stage and equipment on the National Mall for the rally which will take place on Tuesday.

A few scattered barriers around the park have signs informing visitors that the area is closed as a result of the government shutdown.

Susana Flores, a spokesperson for the rally, confirmed for the Washington Examiner that the Park Service will allow the event to take place under the group’s rights granted by the First Amendment.

Harry Reid ~ Debt Ceiling Raise


“Mr. President, today the Senate is considering a bill to increase the nation’s debt by $781 billion, which would push the nation’s borrowing limit to nearly $9 trillion. If adopted, it would be the fourth such increase in the five years this Administration has been in office.

I will be opposing this latest request and I would like to spend a few minutes telling my colleagues and the American people why.

“Any objective analysis of our country’s fiscal history would have to conclude this Administration and this rubberstamping Republican Congress are the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of our country. In fact, no other president or Congress even comes close.

I beg to differ.

But that WAS 2006.

AmberAlert Website Back Up and Running

…UNlike Michelle’s “Get Your Fat Ass Moving” (or whatever it is), which NEVER shut down.

Now, in case you were wondering WHY they turned off the AmberAlert website as they headed out the ShutDown door, THAT’S not what happened.

Everybody LEFT.

So they had to RECALL a FURLOUGHED WORKED to come back in SPECIFICALLY to SHUT the AmberAlert website down.


“I, I, I, I, MeMeMe…”

Because They Seek Only the UNBIASED TRUTH

…you understand.

Sad Little Quote of the Day

…when reality strikes…and bites.

…But people with no pre-existing conditions like Vinson, a 60-year-old retired teacher, and Waschura, a 52-year-old self-employed engineer, are making up the difference.

I was laughing at Boehner — until the mail came today,” Waschura said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner, who is leading the Republican charge to defund Obamacare.

I really don’t like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family’s pocket each year, that’s otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy.”

Both Vinson and Waschura have adjusted gross incomes greater than four times the federal poverty level — the cutoff for a tax credit. And while both said they anticipated their rates would go up, they didn’t realize they would rise so much.

Of course, I want people to have health care,” Vinson said. “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.”

Racist rube.

Stock Futures Pointing Lower

Down about 136 as I write this. Yes, the stock market will have to fall and fall quite a bit because what has driven its near doubling in the past 5 years has not been the unqualified success of the endless “Recovery Summers” that we have been blessed with but rather the money that the Fed has been pumping into the system.

But anyone who’s not a politician or an economist knows there is no such thing as a free lunch, and the bill is huge and coming due.

As I said below there is no danger of a default now unless the players in Washington specifically choose to do so, as we have more than sufficient income to cover our obligations. Yes, painful cuts will need to be made but it can be done if the will is there…which in all likelihood is not given our “leadership.”

Candy Crowley Is a Miserable Obama Hack

…but I’m pretty impressed with how Ted Cruz maintains an amiable demeanor through the whole excruciating exercise. I’d a’ popped her.

On the otherhand, Chris Wallace ripped Jack Lew a new one, history-lesson-wise, as far as those extortive debt ceiling threats go. Took him to SCHOOL.

“Me, Me, Me, Me, I, I, I….”

“If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?”

The Blue Ridge Parkway is open, the Inn is PRIVATELY OWNED on leased government land…and they sent NATIONAL PARK RANGERS to SHUT HIM DOWN and block his driveway.

He Didn’t Have to Stop the Rise of the Oceans

…so he just said “you’re not allowed to go there” by royal decree.

…Charter guides received a message from the National Park Service this week informing them that they are not permitted to take clients fishing in Florida Bay until the feds get back to work. That means that more than 1,100 square miles of prime fishing is off limits between the southern tip of the mainland to the Keys until further notice.

The closing affects not only fishing guides, but anyone with a license to conduct business in the park, including tour operators and paddling guides — anyone with a Commercial Use Authorization permit, said Dan Kimball, superintendent of Everglades and Dry Tortugas national parks.

Biscayne National Park is also off limits. Enforcement rangers will be on duty, Kimball said.

Mark Steyn:

…In his first inaugural, Reagan famously said that “we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around.” When the government feels free to Barrycade off large chunks of the nation — from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam — it’s telling you: it’s the other way around.

This is out of control.

When Democrats Have to Rely on The Family Feud’s Twitter Feed as Their Voice

…just how bad ARE those internal polls…?

And, by the way, Obama closed the Iwo Jima Memorial, too.

ths update: Buuutttt, that didn’t stop a feisty ass group of Honor Flighters from KNOCKING THEM OVER, lol!

Honor Flight Syracuse makes trip to Capitol for tour

Late word from Washington, DC that the Central NY Veterans got into the Iwo Jima Memorial by knocking over water-filled barriers. Their three buses were then able to get in to see the landmark.

Also word that when the Honor Flight plane returns to Hancock Airport this evening, it will be met by a ‘water arch’ set up by National Guard and airport fire equipment. It will be visible, around 6pm, from the airport viewing area. There’s free parking if you wish to go…

Compared to battling the Germans and Japanese during World War II, working around a Government shut down in Washington D.C. is a challenge easily overcome.

Over hill, over dale, then we hit the dusty #Barrycades!
And those buses go rolling along!

Taming Leviathan

via Ace, here’s a very important point to keep in mind

President Obama has taken to the nation’s airwaves raising the specter of a default on U.S. Treasury obligations, as if the only source of funds for paying interest and debt is further borrowing. This is as believable as his promise that Americans could keep their health care plans if they like them, following the implementation of Obamacare.

According to U.S. Treasury data, the federal government has averaged $238 billion in monthly tax receipts in 2013 through July. In the same time period, it has averaged $283 billion in expenditures for a delta of $45 billion/month. Hitting the debt ceiling does not mean that the government literally runs out of money. It is a hold on allowing continued deficit spending. It is similar to hitting the credit limit on your credit card. The difference between the U.S. government’s finances and real life pocket book issues for American citizens is that many consumers tap out their credit cards and, even then, still need more money every month to pay for basic necessities than the cash they have coming in. That is not the case with our federal government. The $238 billion dollars/month in tax revenues which the federal government is taking in more than cover its “basic necessities.”

…There is no real risk to the “full faith and credit” of the United States except by hysteria-instigating Democrats who want you to believe that the U.S. is on the verge of default.

Therefore, if President Obama chooses to violate the 14th Amendment’s commandment that the validity of public debt shall not be questioned, then that is his choice and his alone because the Treasury, and therefore the President, literally has the money in the bank to uphold this requirement regardless of whether the government’s credit card has been maxed out.

This is such a key and important point that of course the morons running the GOP invariably fail to mention it.

There is no danger to the full faith and credit of the US from the people who want to halt government’s expansion. The clear and present danger of a default comes not from the people who want to limit federal spending but rather from those who have added more one trillion dollars per year to it for the past 5 years and show no inclination to “taper” their profligate ways.

It comes from those who seek to continually shackle the economy with an ever-growing snare of regulations and bureaucratic costs to wade through the maze they create.

It comes from those who believe that an all-seeing, all encompassing government should and must be the focal point of American society and thus those who can neither understand nor by definition tolerate the notion that perhaps a free people in a society founded on principles of individual liberty could perhaps be “allowed” to exercise said rights when a minor percentage of government “services” are shut down.

If the House Leaders truly wish to lead, this is where they must make their stand.

Catholic Priests Risk Arrest If They Voluntarily Perform Mass on Base During Shutdown

For reals.

Shutdown Impacts Chapel Services

…There is a chronic shortage of active duty Catholic chaplains. While roughly 25% of the military is Catholic, Catholic priests make up only about 8% of the chaplain corps. That means approximately 275,000 men and women in uniform, and their families, are served by only 234 active-duty priests. The temporary solution to this shortage is to provide GS and contract priests. These men are employed by the government to ensure that a priest is available when an active duty Catholic Chaplain is not present. With the government shutdown, many GS and contract priests who minister to Catholics on military bases worldwide are not permitted to work – not even to volunteer.

During the shutdown, it is illegal for them to minister on base and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so.

Is he Obama or Oliver Cromwell?

ths update: More news types have gotten on this since Ebola let me know about it. Todd Starnes at Fox has more:

The U.S. military has furloughed as many as 50 Catholic chaplains due to the partial suspension of government services, banning them from celebrating weekend Mass. At least one chaplain was told that if he engaged in any ministry activity, he would be subjected to disciplinary action.

“In very practical terms it means Sunday Mass won’t be offered,” Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services told me. “If someone has a baptism scheduled, it won’t be celebrated.”

…the military installations impacted are served by non-active-duty priests who were hired as government contractors.

…“Catholic military personnel should not have their religious liberties held hostage by this funding crisis,” Crews told me. “I find it alarming that these priests cannot even volunteer to provide services without threat of arrest.”

The archbishop said a priest at Joint Base Langley-Eustis was banned from officiating at the wedding of a couple he’d been counseling.

“The wedding could be on the base, but the priest can’t do the wedding,” Broglio told me.

So As Usual

Everything we were breathtakingly told as “Breaking News” was in fact Broken news. There was no shooter, especially not “inside” the Capitol Building as Reuters initially reported; The White House gate was never rammed…etc.

And I for one do not blame the Capitol Police for opening fire: good lord she was using her car as a weapon.

Lovely ~ the Asshats Have the Commissary Closed

…and we have a developing hurricane coming.

Some things never change and ONE of them is MY SHITTY LUCK.

Doing a Little Research About Something that Intrigued Me, I Learned That ~ in 2011 ~ a Victoria’s Secret Webcast

handled 2 MILLION+ visitors FOR THE HOUR LONG program.

They all had to sign in, too, using “WEBCAST” as a password, so there was some programming involved.

How about that.

Sebelius and Co. have had HOW long and HOW much of our money to get a website that works?

So President Barrycade Goes on CNBC This Afternoon

You know ~ just to whip up a little stock market crash fever ~

Obama to Wall Street: This time be worried

Wall Street needs to be genuinely worried about what is going on in Washington, President Barack Obama told CNBC in a White House interview Wednesday.

While gridlock in D.C. is nothing new, “this time I think Wall Street should be concerned,” Obama said.

…but then he says something genuinely bizarre.

…On Obamacare, the president’s most significant legislative accomplishment, Obama said that despite certain polls showing it was unpopular with specific segments of the population—namely white people—the law would ultimately be accepted by the population at large.

Tenets of the bill are popular among “all races” the president said.

The majority of the people who will be helped by the ACA will be white,” he said.


Captain Cadaver, the Senate Majority Crank Leader

just stepped on his.

Dana Bash,CNN: “If you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?”

Sen. Reid: “Why would we want to do that?

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