An Opinion From the Folks Who…

…would actually die, if the ‘fixes’ don’t work.

Discovery commander surprised by debris problem
HOUSTON (Reuters) – Shuttle Discovery commander Eileen Collins said on Friday she was surprised the flying debris problem that brought down Columbia in 2003 re-emerged on their flight and said shuttles should not return to space until it was fixed.
She and astronaut Andy Thomas said in press interviews from space they were not worried about damage the debris may have caused Discovery, saying the orbiter looked “very clean” despite a few nicks to its protective tile.
“What I’d like to say is this is something that has to be fixed,” Collins said. “I don’t think we should fly again unless we do something to prevent this from happening again.”

Yeah ~ what she says. And good on her.
An NASA sage (who shall remain nameless) once pointed out that an airline averaging 7 dead people for every 50 flights probably wouldn’t last long.

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