The Procession to Honor Airman Zachary Ryan Cuddeback

Murdered in Germany, but much loved by his hometown.

Crusader was there in the gloaming Friday ~ with SO MANY others ~ to raise a flag, a prayer and a thank you.

Are things looking so bad for the Dems…..

that the Obamas went to church? I’m sure Barry brought a mirror so he could focus in worship……..

just a quick update….

I uploaded 14 more videos to YouTube from the 9/12 St Louis Tea Party, plus a few quick Blue Angel clips from 9/11 at Scott AFB, so just look up crusaderf8u on YouTube. Also a couple clips of the Sea Harrier at Fair St Louis from 7/3. These were all shot using a Sony Cybershot W290. Shoots 720p video, just can’t adjust the zoom while shooting video.

For anyone reading in DE……

Can we just go for the electable guy and go RINO hunting later? We can win this seat, folks. We are within reach of the Senate, so lets not throw away a gimme.

9/12 St louis

More soon, sorry for the shakes, but taken with a Sony Digi Cam, not a camcorder……

Just a quick bit of spleen venting….

but this whole deal about Murkowski running third party just set me off. At what point are the people in elected office going to get the message that they do not have lifetime appointments? Between Crist and her, I think folks need to start checking their egos at the door of the GOP tent. But Murk running on the L ticket? When was Pork added as a Libertarian Principle? Ugh.

Even overseas, Jimmah can’t get a break…..

   So our Pastor was returning with a group from a Missions trip to Uganda, traing local Pastors there. They had missed their connecting flight, so were delayed in Amsterdam. He noticed a good bit of extra security measures, and was wondering what that was due to, until he saw the convoy of vehicles coming onto the tarmac. He saw former President Carter, with Roselyn and the security entourage escorted onto the plane.

   The rest of the passengers were then allowed to board, and once everyone was onboard, Jimmah came back from First Class to shake hands with everyone. Our Pastor said simply: “Once a politician, always a politician.” So as Jimmah worked back thru the rows, he got to the 2 women seated ahead of Pastor, who were not Americans.

    “You look very familiar.” one of them said. “But I cannot recall your name. Are you Ronald Reagan?” Jimmah was gracious, but Pastor said he imagined he was seathing inside.

An honest street name here in Illinois……

My letter to the White House, not that I expect it to change a thing……..

Mr. President,
I am writing this letter as a citizen who is appalled by the message my government is broadcasting to the world. Since it’s inception, the United States has stood as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world, but these last few months have seen a dark shadow descend by way of the spoken word of our leaders and emissaries, with yourself at the forefront.

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Just got home from a GOP event here in Norf Cackalackie…

for Fred Smith, who is trying to be the GOP candidate for ‘guvner, and all I can say is: The CAG has been instructed to never again sit us at the table with any life forms wearing a Ron Paul ’08 sticker or pin. Ye gawds, the Paulnuts/Ronulins are even worse in person. 2 people in the whole room with Ron pins, and I get stuck next to and across from them both. I now have a nasty scar on my wrist from the dull butter knife that I was trying to slit my wrist with.

A story of the things we need to be thankful for……

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to travel to Sis’s house for Thanksgiving. We are having the CAGs father and wife over, along with a coworker and his wife. Well, our table does not have a leaf, so plan A was for me to make one, so we went to Lowes on Saturday to acquire the needed lumber. Lacking a planer, I needed to layer a number of boards to reach the desired thickness, but was unable to find any combination of boards that would work for less than the price of a few body parts. So being the anti-hero male that I am, I actually asked an employee in the lumber section for a bit of advice on the project. He looked at me and said “I would just take the measurements to the mill in Mt. Pleasant, and they can plane you a board the needed size for around $20 (ed-It turned out to be $33, but well worth it.).” But it was almost noon, and they closed at 12 on Saturdays, so we decided to call and give them the dimensions on Monday.

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GI Joe, a real world hero?

The hill had held, because on the hill remained the minimum number of able-bodied United States Marines necessary to hold the position.

More on everyday life in Zimbabwe…….

From Cathy Buckle’s blog, how would you like this plumbing bill?

A geyser in my roof burst this week and when the plumbers got it out the original price was hand written in marker pen on the side of the tank alongside a dated sticker from the shop where it had been purchased. The date stamp was from a local hardware store and was machine printed: “02. 2000” was still legible. The price, written in clear red letters was one thousand, nine hundred and eighty five dollars. The plumbers gave me a quote to repair the geyser by welding the numerous leaking joints, flushing the sludge which had gathered (thanks to our filthy and very intermittent local water supply) and reinstalling the tank. The quote was for twenty six million dollars. To replace the geyser with a new one, the plumbers quote, before labour, was for one hundred and twenty million dollars. In just seven years the price had gone from under two thousand dollars to 120 million dollars – which, in reality is actually 120 billion dollars because 3 zeroes were slashed from our currency a year ago.

At least you can get a plumber, unlike trying to get anything to eat, I suppose.

This pretty well hits….

the nail on the head.

The damning evidence was on the front page of yesterday’s Post: A dra matic photo showing more than 100 Taliban terrorists in formation last July for a graveside funeral for one of their own in Afghanistan.
The image was shot from high in the sky by an unmanned American drone – which fed a continuous satellite feed back on the ground.
A ripe target for a surprise missile strike? It certainly would seem so.
But according to a statement yesterday from U.S. Central Command in Afghanistan, “a decision was made” – preposterously – “not to strike the group of insurgents at that specific location and time” because the site was a cemetery with a funeral in progress.

Huh? This pretty well sums my thoughts on the whole thing:

How many Coalition soldiers will die because 100-plus Taliban were allowed to walk free will never be known, of course. It can’t be.
This much is clear, though: The Taliban never show mercy – and they are contemptuous of those who do.
War is about killing.
Or being killed.
About winning.
Or losing.
Time to change the rules.

When are we going to start fighting this like a war, and put the lawyers back in the courtrooms instead of the battlefields?

A different 9/11 story…

From someone who made it out of the North Tower. She is the wife of a gentleman I share a hobby with, and have done some trading with in the past. Below is her story,

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Sherman, set the Wayback machine for…..

Japanese bow and grin for the camera but get nowhere in Washington.
Out of Washington last week came definite word that the U.S. is talking very tough to Japan. The talk went on between Special Envoy Saburo Kurusu, who had flown dramatically across the Pacific, President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull. By week’s end, Kurusu’s ears burned with the words that U.S. officials repeated again and again: “Watch out! You’re on Hitler’s list, before we are!”
The “issues” between Japan and the U.S. are simple and clear. Japan wants the U.S. to stop helping China and Russia (at least via Siberia), and cease its economic restrictions against Japan. The U.S. answer is a flat “No.” Worst of all, from Kurusu’s standpoint, Americans do not even seem worried by the prospect of war with Japan, whereas the Japanese are worried stiff by the fearof war with America. The defenses of Manila and Hawaii are stronger than ever. The Navy is ready for action. At week’s end, Saburo Kurusu suddenly called off his conferences at the State Department to do a little more thinking.

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A must watch.


2009 Camaro

So they announced it. Wonder how they got around the contract that they had with the last plant that built F-cars?

Zeppelin discovered!

Graf Zeppelin, that is.

Poland’s navy said today that it identified a sunken ship in the Baltic Sea as almost certainly being Nazi Germany’s only aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin — a find that promises to shed light on a 59-year-old mystery surrounding the ship’s fate.

Backround on the ship here.
Cool stuff!

Sad day.

When a life is lost, and a piece of history is gone.

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What’s with this?

Why is this a big deal? Am I missing something? These kids are the ones who are more likely to be killed by one of the Hiz folks, but they are not allowed to express their feelings about the conflict? It is not as though the are the ones pulling the trigger.
Bingley Update: Looks like Crusader and I were working on the same post at the same time…here’s my edition:
I guess I slept through the latest ‘scandal’ to strike the Zionsphere:

In the public relations battle brewing on-line, there is a new eye to the center of the storm surrounding the war with Hizbullah – a series of photos showing Israeli children writing messages on shells meant for targets in Lebanon.
Questions over the photos’ authenticity have been put to rest by authorities that were present during the incident, which occurred on July 17 near the northern border. The mostly local children had been brought to see the shells by their parents. Although it remains unclear who encouraged them to write the messages, their colorful scribbles, including a Star of David, hearts, and “From Israel, with Love,” have appeared in dozens of blogs, or on-line journals, and on-line photo hosting sites.

Sorry, I have no problem with this. Those poor kids have grown up never knowing if some crazy-assed jihadist is going to blow up their school or their bus, and some bastards who don’t blink when PLO or Hamas let their kids dress up as suicide bombers for parades get their panties twisted over this? Go Israel!

An official close to Israel’s public relations campaign said that there was “no way” to spin the incident in a positive light. “Some people are simply irresponsible,” said the official.

I see it as very positive, a people fighting back. Go Israel!

What the Hiz folks are shooting at Israel.

Ball bearings in the warheads. Fun stuff.

More reasons…

to keep driving my paid-for 20mpg BMW. I’m using less energy over the life of the vehicle.

A good read on…..

Proportional Response. When will we finally deal with these vermin?

Worthless post for the day….

but saw something on the way to work this morning I have not seen in a long while: a tractor-trailer that got stuck under a railway bridge. Wish I’d had my camera. I wonder hoiw often this happens? It was on N. Tryon St, just outside of downtown/uptown Charlotte. Slowed traffic down a bit, but thankfully was in the outbound lane.

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