Another idea to prevent a repeat of Katrina….

From Varifrank:

What I learned from Katrina and the half a dozen other Hurricanes last year is that there is nothing that FEMA can do that if FEMA’s funding and mission were given instead to the US Coast Guard, that the Coast Guard could instead deliver, faster, better, cheaper and with more accountability than FEMA ever hoped it could.
So in that spirit, let’s consider this idea.
Let’s give the US Coast Guard:
The USS Constellation,
The USS Kitty Hawk
and the USS John F. Kennedy
( all non nuclear Carriers, that are either mothballed or soon to be ) and create three maritime “Emergency Response Task Forces” with the current Navy hospital ships as their core. Place one task force on each coast – Pacific – Atlantic and Gulf.

Or maybe the Oriskany? Heh

One Response to “Another idea to prevent a repeat of Katrina….”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    You misunderstand. FEMA doesn’t exist to react to emergencies. It was vastly expanded by GHW Bush for the purposes of enhancing his “compassion” reputation and primarily to be a vehicle to pass out pork to his pals in the state of Florida.

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