His ugly old eye is already on our short range radar.
We’ve got the place as fortified as humanly possible, all things considered. And there’s a blessing in that the worst winds are in a tight little band, so whoever gets clobbered will catch it good, but it won’t be the massive swath Ivan cut.

6 Responses to “Blech”

  1. Faith says:

    Great coverage… camera-wise from your end and prayer-wise from ours.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hunker down, sis.

  3. We’re screwed. Mountain Man just called.
    “I watched the news last night and man! Another fuckin’ hurricane coming right at you!”
    I was waiting for him to call to let me know.

  4. Donnah says:

    Nooo, not the H-word.

  5. Yup. Just put the dogs out, had 55+gusts, got great pictures and the camera pooped. And the dogs didn’t. RATS!!

  6. Kathy K says:

    Stay safe… and post when you can.

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