BMW Films…

are viewable here.
And yes, I do think Clive should be the nexy Bond.
Pardon me while I go peddle what I can to save for a used M5….

2 Responses to “BMW Films…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    “Bah” I say. And “Bah” again because it felt so good the first time*.
    Candy ass BMW can’t give you a good case of LMFD.** Why hell’s belles, I bet you don’t even need a damn Moto-grip in one of those sissified krautmobiles.
    *Stolen from Jane Galt.
    **LMFD stands for “G-Face”

  2. Crusader says:

    Pffft. I’d take my 17 yr old 525i for cornering against anything built on this side of the pond in the last 17 years, even tho she’s not close to being an M. Yup, I’m a snob about that much, little else. 8^P

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