Cold Comfort to the Small Bakeries…

…or, say like, Prince spaghetti for that matter, who went through hard times and/or lost their businesses because of this nonsense.

Atkins Nutritionals files for bankruptcy
Company has been hurt by waning popularity of its namesake diet

You’d have to pry the crust of artisanal bread from my cold, dead fingers before I’d ever give it up.

UPDATE: Bwahahahaha! What a hoot!

Low-Cash Diet
Free ketchup, mustard packets dominate new Atkins weight-loss program.
Aug. 2 – Two days after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Atkins Nutritionals Inc. said today that although its low-carb diet had lost its luster, the company was introducing what it called “a low-cash diet guaranteed to melt those pounds away.”…
…Showing a newly reconfigured Atkins food period, Pankow said that dieters on the new low-cash weight-loss program would eat mainly free ketchup and mustard packets foraged from fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King.
“And at the end of the first week, to celebrate you have a packet of relish for dessert,” Pankow added.

Oh yeah, baby.

3 Responses to “Cold Comfort to the Small Bakeries…”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    I never stopped my bread consumption. I really love the potato rolls…yum!

  2. My favorite is the chewy, dense boule-type, with the almost burnt crust and flour everywhere. Oh Lordy. That with a bowl of good, good olive oil with a sprinkle of salt in it? Just STFB. Mmmmm!!!!

  3. The Real JeffS says:

    I still drool over broetchen, fresh and hot from the ovens, from the German bakerei, many years ago. No need for butter, just chomp on that hot bread and enjoy….

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