Could someone please explain to me what difference this makes?

I suppose when the first ex-slave comes forward to demnd restitution, I will start caring, but until then, I have not seen a shred of proof that people 140 years later are still harmed by this. I realize that I am a knuckle-dragging neanderthal, but could someone please enlighten me?

6 Responses to “Could someone please explain to me what difference this makes?”

  1. Well?? Of all the people on board, you should know, corporate whore that you are.

  2. Crusader says:

    That’s waht bugs me. I have not a clue as to the reasoning. As I stated, when the first ex-slave meets with the first ex-slaveowner to collect, I mat start caring. Until then, it just seems like more of the same old crap of blaming others for your own current situation.

  3. Nightfly says:

    Do Derek Jeter or Halle Berry’s parents owe each other money, or is the sex enough?
    And hell, my ancestors didn’t get here until the 1890s. What have I got to do with this?

  4. The three of us are Irish for God’s sake. (this isn’t Denmark-I can say that here allll I want.)

  5. The Real JeffS on Orcas Island says:

    This is fallout from a pathetic attempt to extort money from major corporations a couple years ago. Several blacks started whooping it up about restitution about the same time Japanese-Americans were asking for settlements as a their internments during WWII. Chicago, for example, made it a requirement for any company to do business with the city to hand over any slavery-era records first.
    IMHO, all of this was just another attempt to continue the status of many (not all) American Blacks as victims, especially since equal opprotunity isn’t the cash cow it used to be.
    Cynical of me, I know. But that’s the way I see it. Otherwise, who would give a damn? I mean, the Irish were serfs for a long time while under direct British rule. Maybe we (I have Irish ancestors as well) should write Queen Elizabeth II for a check.

  6. I really have no problem with attempting to right the wrongs of the 20th century, especially the cynical landgrab in CA during WWII (Do you think for one SECOND they’d have moved the Japanese out if they lived in, say…Barstow? Oh, hell no.) or holocaust survivors going after supposedly ‘neutral’ Swiss banks, even the tottering victims of McCarthy’s schmears. These people, the damage and their families are still with us. But this restitution stuff has got to stop ~ just STFU ~ it’s all so stupid. The three of us had family in the Grand Old Army of the Republic, so do we get to attach the restitution payments because slaves were freed with our great-great grandfather’s blood? Surely that’s worth something by their logic. (I could use a new car.) Suck-up American corporations just feed the BS with their pandering. Crap. Where do you draw the line? Boycott olive oil while you’re at it, ’cause who do you think built Rome? It wasn’t Caterpillar moving those blocks.
    Be you black, green, orange, red, purple, white, brown or Venusian, just spend your time being a decent, respectful human being to every citizen you come in contact with and do the right thing here and now. Quit demanding handouts, ’cause I don’t owe anybody jack but good manners.

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