It’s getting close to crunch time and we’re still ground zero. They’re even saying ‘Perdido Key’, which just SUCKs, since we’re 6 miles as the SUV drives from there.
On the upside, I’d like to thank FEMA for the tarp jobs they did. On the downside, I hate being one of the folks they practised on. Our neighbors across the street still have theirs so I’m hoping our smaller patches hold up as well. Cingular is still full signal, something they WEREN’T as ATT, we still have water and (Bless your little pointy heads Gulf Power!!) juice in both their lines and Southern Bell’s. Rock on!
UPDATE: Ol’ John Ed Thompson, the weatherman for Fox10 Mobile
has to be the best crisis weather guy I’ve ever seen. We listened to him during Ivan and his delivery was straightforwrd and honest. I adore him. He’s just said that Dennis has taken a slight jog to the east and (for the moment) they’re thinking landfall in an hour or so a little east of Pensacola Beach and then Gulf Breeze. Now we’re 10 miles WEST of dowtown, so I think that might be better for us, marginally. So of course it won’t happen. There’s an hour to go yet. The other good news is the central pressure is up 9 mb’s to 939, so it may poop out a mph or so yet. That also is a lovely thought.

One Response to “Damn”

  1. Faith says:

    Here’s hopin’ your pups poop out, too, only at a slower velocity.

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