Fear Not, Crawdads!

Nagin’s Noggin’ is working overtime for your benefit:

“I am hopeful that people have seen the effect of Katrina and they understand the threat of a Category 3 coming right behind Katrina,” he said, “and that we won’t have the struggles in getting people out like we had the last time.”

Due to the fact that your useless ‘we’ won’t be involved.
Either that or he’s channeling Queen Victoria…

“We are not amused.”

4 Responses to “Fear Not, Crawdads!”

  1. (Dammit, Bingley! How many times has Granny told you NOT to use her picture online?!! First the helpless dog and now this. Oh, you are, like, so in for it…)

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  3. Dave J says:

    From Blackadder’s Christmas Carol
    PRINCE ALBERT (Jim Broadbent): Queen Piglet-Features?!
    BLACKADDER: Empress Oink, as the lads call her. How she and that daft Frankfurter of a husband of hers ever managed to produce their eight dozen children is entirely beyond me. Suffice it to say that the walls of Buckingham Palace must copiously supplied with blindfolds.

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Gawd, i love blackadder
    “Sense and Senility”

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