For anyone reading in DE……

Can we just go for the electable guy and go RINO hunting later? We can win this seat, folks. We are within reach of the Senate, so lets not throw away a gimme.

3 Responses to “For anyone reading in DE……”

  1. Crusader, I live in Texas, and have no say in what goes on in DE, but I wonder if dems can vote in this primary. I get the feeling if they can, she will get the nom, and then the democrat will be a shoe-in.

    Not articulate, but you get my drift.

  2. 1. Dems cannot vote in the Republican primary.

    I will be voting for Mike Castle tomorrow in the primary.

    There are hardly any Republicans in Delaware, which may explain why I have gotten a call every day for the past two weeks asking me to vote for one or the other of the candidates.

    There are so few of us–it makes me feel powerful!

  3. currently says:

    This Castle in Delaware is not for the defense of Liberty. May the hordes defeat this wretch. Hunt the RINO now or get trampled.

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