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Rogers reinstated; Selig is furious
Ranger to serve less than 20-game suspension for shoving cameramen
NEW YORK – Kenny Rogers was reinstated Tuesday when an arbitrator ruled that commissioner Bud Selig overstepped his authority by suspending the Texas pitcher for 20 games and fining him $50,000 for shoving two cameramen
…“There is a standard of behavior that is expected of our players, which was breached in this case. The arbitrator’s decision diminishes that standard and is contrary to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. In my opinion, the decision is seriously ill-conceived,” he said.

Selig finally grows a pair and he gets overruled anyway. I was confused by one part of the Commissar’s statement, though. What exactly IS the ‘Standard of Behaviour’ expected of your players? There’s been some damn sorry examples in the news lately and not a peep out of Bud. And another thing…
How many of you with kids out there have a child who gives a rat’s ass about Major League Baseball? I mean, a fan. A kid that’ll watch the ESPN Sunday night game with you, knows who’s on the team and not just go to the ballpark to keep Dad/Mom happy? None of Ebola or his friends care for it even though they all played ball; a couple at the college level. So I ask you guys. What’s happened to loving baseball?

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  1. Lisa says:

    What’s happened to loving baseball?
    It’s living at my house. Alex watches baseball 24/7. We watch at least one ballgame a night, even if we have no “stake” in the outcome. The other night we watched the Braves. Are we Braves fans? No, but it was a ballgame, and it was on. We watch the College World Series, too. And the Little League one, which starts in a couple of weeks.
    Did I mention he’s also still PLAYING baseball? We just went to a tournament last weekend. And now Fall Ball starts in about a month, so there’s ANOTHER eight weeks of baseball.
    So, yeah. “Loving baseball” lives at our house. And it’s an eight-year-old boy.

  2. Oh, thank God!
    Major Dad and I were crushed when Ebola started cross country in his junior year in H.S. No more football or baseball games to go to ~ the cross country match ‘crowds’ just aren’t the same, you know…?

  3. Crusader says:

    What’s happened to loving baseball?
    The jerkoffs who play it, and the fact that watching paint dry is more exciting. Other than that, nothing much……..
    But that is just our family, I suppose…..

  4. Nope. Actually it seems to be quite a lot of familes. And the frickin’ games are taking forever, even on the semi-pro level. Our Pensacola Pelicans, for example. We were there for what seemed like hours before we even hit the 5th inning.

  5. Nightfly says:

    In the meantime, that jerk Rogers pitches in Boston tonight. Go Fenway Fans. (And it’s too too bad that this isn’t the National League, where Rogers could get plunked in his first AB. If I were the opposing pitcher I’d do it in a cold minute.)

  6. Nightfly says:

    PS – update from this morning: Boston 16, Texas 5. Heheheheheh.

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