Have Ford Executives…

…been living in a cave or something? What morons thought this was a good idea to begin with?

Ford splits with Eminem: report
Paper says Ford initially happy when rap star wanted new Ford for video, but lyrics raised concerns.
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Ford Motor Co. is ending a newly formed relationship with rapper Eminem, according to a published report.
The Detroit News reported that the split comes because of concerns of Ford executives over the title and lyrics of the artist’s newest song. The three-word title includes a vulgarity.

A vulgarity?! From the mouth Slim Shady kisses his mother with?!
And here I was all set to buy me a Ford because they were gonna sign Eminem as a spokesman.

3 Responses to “Have Ford Executives…”

  1. The Real JeffS says:

    Ford splits with Eminem
    Sounds like a divorce to me…..

  2. It never should have gotten to a marriage to begin with, one would think. I mean “lyrics raised concerns…“? Like that’s news with this loser? What planet have they been on for the past 5 years?
    A textbook example of corporate divorce from reality.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    I mean, even the folks who like this guy have got to admit he’s way too much of a potty mouth to be an ad spokesman.

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