Having It Both Ways…

…and I’m not talking Bingley and David Hasselhoff. No, I’m talking about the ability of the moonbat population to twist anything. In a codicil to my post below on self delusion, I will add this snippet from another site that shall remain nameless. I found it on a Technoratic webstat ping related to my other recent post ~ the one from Newsweek about President Bush’s visits with the family members of servicemen killed in Iraq. The one about his empathy and kindness. The one we were all astounded and quite pleasantly surprised to find, as Newsweek isn’t exactly known for articles of that tenor. Another site that linked to it thought differently and I was blown away by the vituperative sample I saw. It started with some babble about ‘Rush’ and went straight into (I cleaned it up a smidge)…

My first reaction to this is, “say what?” What a f**king paranoid f**k he is. Delusional too. First of all, there is no “coordinated left.” We don’t have a Rove-type figure working for our side who releases forged documents to established journalists in order to ruin their career and force them into early retirement. Either Rush is stupid or just plain mean.
Secondly, if he really wants to talk about fabricated stories, let’s take a look at a recent Newsweek article put out in the nick of time to give Bush’s image a much needed dose of humanity. Too bad the whole article rings false. Are we really supposed to believe Bush cries for fallen soldiers? Give me a break. The bastard is on a FIVE WEEK VACATION during a time of war! Or struggle. Or whatever the thought police are calling it this week.

…a scatalogical reference to the article and then the moonbat, hateful coup d’ grace.

Come on Newsweek, give me a story I can actually believe, like Jenna Bush discovering the cure for cancer.

Dang. I mean DANG!
UPDATE: She makes these rabid animals seem so small, bless her heart.

‘Honor me in this way’
Marine’s mother tells mourners he would want the war in Iraq supported
WEST CHESTER, Ohio – The mother of a Marine killed in Iraq urged mourners Wednesday not to let their anger and sadness turn them against the U.S. fight in Iraq.
“Honor me in this way,” Kathy Dyer said during a memorial service for Lance Cpl. Christopher J. Dyer, 19, of the Cincinnati suburb of Evendale.
At the funeral at Tri-County Baptist Church, Kathy Dyer delivered what she believed would have been her son’s own message: “It has been with the greatest pride I have served … fighting to preserve freedom.”

Thank you for your son Christopher, Mrs. Dyer. Thank you for your Marine.

5 Responses to “Having It Both Ways…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    This does not surprise me at all. The moonbats are infinitely creative in their moonbattery. I blame Art Bell.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    I blame the tin foil.

  3. I still cannot get over the invective. Just can’t! Stunned and amazed at complete lack of anything reality based AND the lack of class in what purports to be the better educated, more in touch with America party.
    Dear Dr. Dean ~
    You can keep him.

  4. The Real JeffS says:

    Behold, the Bush Derangement Syndrome in full form. These people are so filled with hate and anger that anything that threatens their own little worldview is instantly wrong.

  5. AND part of a conspiracy!?! What’s up with THAT?!
    For further reference, see:
    LOONS /lew-ooo-nz/ noun
    1 : red beady-eyed bird brains

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