He Ain’t Heavy…

God bless Bono. He has done more to put Africa back on the map than all the usual advocates — African heads of state, the Congressional Black Caucus and international aid organizations — combined.

Isn’t that one of the saddest lead-in sentences you’ve ever read? Cynthia Tucker’s column today addresses Africa ~ specifically the ruin that is Zimbabwe ~ with refreshing frankness. I don’t understand the Cong. Black Caucus or, for that matter, the leading lady liberal lights of the left, who refuse to speak out against these most heinous of injustices (i.e. Mugabe, the Taliban, etc.) because it would undermine their ‘we’re all black brothers’ or anti-war stance. Where’s the moral authority in that? Wrong is wrong is wrong. Ms. Tucker speaks to the hypocritical nature of it:

Indeed, if Mugabe were a white colonial oppressor, black African heads of state would be demanding international intervention, and American civil rights activists would be burning him in effigy. Instead, Mugabe’s most ardent defenders are African heads of state. When G-8 leaders — joined by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, a native of Ghana — asked African leaders to condemn Mugabe’s relocations, they refused.

I’m sure we’re expected to dump another hundred billion bucks into the black holes of their countries’ coffers before they’ll reconsider.

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