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Jason’s post on Wolf Blitzer/Clueless News Network (at IraqNow) has given Major Dad and myself a good deal of merriment since we found it. A slice to savor:

That’s right. The explosion flipped a 31-ton APC.
And what is Wolf Blitzer’s argument? That the military didn’t provide good vehicles in the Al Anbar Province. And that — and I quote verbatim, — “an up-armored Humvee would have stood a better chance.”
Do the math. If the explosion flipped vehicle weight 31 tons (plus another ton and a half or so of marines and gear), then what are the survivability chances of a 4-ton uparmored Humvee?
I’ll tell you:
Anything left of the Humvee would have been parked in Syria, dumbass.

Aw, Jesus, ya gotta love it! Anyway, being the Jarhead he is, Major Dad’s been reading me pithy selections from the comments section. Last night, one in particular caught our fancy, especially since I spend the day listening to my GSM Motorola buzzing the ‘puter speakers as signals come in. A regular Chatty Frickin’ Cathy at all hours of the day. Now I see Michael Totten at The Blogfaddah has a cell phone thing going, so I thought I’d share the little gem we’d read. (I’d give him a link, but he commented annonymously):

For warfare against cellphone based threats, we have 3 choices. The first, is to do nothing, and let our men die. The second, fly over with the EA6B Prowler and radiate enough electromagnetic energy that the all civilian radios will be burned out. The third, do something similar with a microwave radiation source on a vehicle. The third, use the cell phone technology to our advantage: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome as Gunny Highway would say. Cell phones and the towers communicate to know which cell phone is in which cell. Put your cell phone next to your AM radio and every minute or so, you’ll hear “clicka clicka clicka” and that is the phone and the cell tower exchanging communications and ID numbers. So, if the enemy is using cell phones, our forces should put up a “spoof” cell phone tower, and send out the message “all cell phones register now”. This is done by your cell phone company anyway. Hackers do it also to steal phone numbers in the US. Then, have an automated dialer call every number that is there, at 3am. If you hear a boom, the bomb went off. And it might have gone off on the enemy’s workbench. heh heh heh…..

Being neither rocket scientist nor engineer, I have no idea if this is feasible, but damn! it sounds like a good idea. I love the sound of BOOM !! in the morning!

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  1. Mr. Bingley says:

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