How Brave Are You To “Suspend” Something…

That you’ve never used?

New Jersey lawmakers voted Monday to suspend executions while a task force studies the fairness and costs of imposing the death penalty…
…There are 10 prisoners on New Jersey’s death row. While capital punishment was reinstated in the state in 1982, the last execution took place in 1963.

Whatever your views on the death penalty, it is ridiculous how expensive and drawn-out the process has become. But since no one has been executed by the State in 43 years, I would hazard a guess that the death penalty has been ‘suspended’ already.

2 Responses to “How Brave Are You To “Suspend” Something…”

  1. With only ten guys on Death Row anyway, I’d say NJ has to be a damn fine place to live!

  2. nobrainer says:

    Death row in New Jersey must be one of the safest places in the country.

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