Hurray For Texas

This is how americans help each other out, by gum:

5:10 P.M. – AUSTIN, TX (AP): Texas public schools will enroll children of Hurricane Katrina refugees sheltered within each district.
The Texas Education Agency has been directed to provide all needed support for districts having to absorb children from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. TEA has said the refugee children can qualify as “homeless” and may enroll without proof of residence.
Also, normal immunization requirements for attending school or child-care facilities in Texas will be temporarily waived for children displaced by the hurricane. Schools are allowed to waive the 22-to-one teacher-student requirement.
Districts with an influx of 50 or more students can get an immediate funding increase, rather than waiting until the end of the school year.
Austin schools are working to ensure the students get backpacks, school supplies and clothes.

2 Responses to “Hurray For Texas”

  1. Lisa says:

    Arkansas is doing that, too.
    We have at least 300 people staying in our town. We are 15 miles southwest of Little Rock, almost 375 miles from New Orleans, and we had the first open hotel rooms when people fled north on I-30. Hot Springs filled up on Monday and they just kept on coming.
    The local churches have been feeding them (my church is feeding them lunch tomorrow) and local restaurants have donated food. Hayden’s school (the middle school) is having a drive for school supplies for the many children who will be enrolling.
    Our Chamber of Commerce president was on TV last night and said, “These are our new neighbors. We need to welcome them.” How true.

  2. I’ll be letting you know what’s up in Pensacola. We have families who weathered it in the Civic Center and they need homes.

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