I Know I Sound Like A Broken Record…

…but is there a better columnist in the world today than Mark Steyn? Read all of today’s in the Telegraph:

So suppose we do as Mr Reimers suggests and “take a good hard look” at “racism by exclusion”. As Monday’s Australian reported: “Sydney’s western suburbs remained quiet yesterday after a call for a full day’s curfew by Lebanese community leaders. Mohammed Elriche, 19, said he and his friends would have enjoyed nothing more than their regular swim at Cronulla Beach, but their parents had asked him to stay at home.
“His parents, Eddy and Samira, who have lived in Australia since 1972, said their five children would be allowed to go to the beach again only when the ‘conflict is resolved and peace is restored’ in the Sutherland shire region. ‘If there’s no more conflict, I will let him go,’ Samira, 42, told the Australian in Arabic.”
In Arabic? Let’s suppose that Cate Blanchett got her wish and a tidal wave of tolerance washed into all those “dark corners of Australian society” taking the chill off the chilling glimpse Squires got. How are even the most impeccably diverse multicultural types supposed to welcome into the bosom of their boundlessly tolerant family a woman who prefers to speak the language of the land she left at nine? When it comes to “racism by exclusion”, who’s excluding whom?

There’s a reason my wife has told me that if Mark Steyn shows up at our front door she’ll try and remember to write occasionally…
(Thanks to Tim for the head’s up on the column)

2 Responses to “I Know I Sound Like A Broken Record…”

  1. Oh big deal. We’ve been bitching about and preaching against that very hyphenated immigrant thing here for…well, almost the whole year we’ve been online. Does anyone quote us? F*ck no. That’s just so wrong.
    Mr. Steyn just has a job that pays him to do it.
    Okay. He writes pretty snappy, too.
    But we still said it first.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    I quote you. Well, mostly I cuss at you. But I quote you sometimes.

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