AM the winner. And Bingley is the loser we all know him to be.
Ah-hahahahaha! Ah-hahahahaha!
Diptera ex tenebris once again displays his remarkable good taste and exquisite sense of humor. I thank him and the academy.
And Bingley lost. Bingley’s a loser. Bingley. Didn’t. Win.

1 : one that loses especially consistently
2 : one who is incompetent or unable to succeed; also : something doomed to fail or disappoint; see: Bingley

5 Responses to “I…”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Brown-nosing kiss-ass.
    My offering not only is a good word of Old Norse stock (mathkr a worm) but it also has LOTR connections as well as its modern meaning “the larva of a fly”. But noooo, take the sissy latin word. See if I care.
    Here’s some latin for yah: Putius Thyus Lipsuoles Uponious The Glutious Maximus Rearendus Meus.

  2. Nightfly says:

    I am Glutious Maximus –
    Father to a fried computer,
    Husband to a broken printer –
    And I shall have my vengeance!

  3. Way to tell the LOSER off, Diptera!
    By the way ~ Binglius est pissium whinaerious puella loseroid. Had you heard?

  4. WunderKraut says:

    Geeks! The whole lot of you!
    I hope for Mr. Bingley’s sake, THS is a relative. I can forgive such gloating within the family, but outside….tsk tsk tsk….can’t we all get along…
    Oh yeah, I GOT AN HONORABLE MENTION on last weeks Willisms caption contest…how did you guys place? Oh yeah, you didn’t!! Losers!!!!

  5. No we can’t. And yes he’s my LOSER brother and more pity me.
    If I’da know’d about the contest, I woulda kicked YOUR ass, too!!
    [cue: maniacal laughter track]

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