If You Think The ‘Pat Twins’ (Buchanon & Robertson)…

…are hateful blowhards extraordinaire and can think of a few others you’d like to add, well then! This is the list for you.

Right Wing News emailed more than 200 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to send us a list of whom they considered to be their “Least Favorite People On The Right.” Representatives from the following 47 blogs responded…
…Without further ado, here are the right-of-center bloggers’ least favorite people on the right with the number of votes beside of each selection in parentheses:
18) Tom Tancredo (4)
18) Ralph Reed (4)
18) Newt Gingrich (4)
18) Lincoln Chafee (4)
18) James Dobson (4)
18) George Pataki (4)
18) Arnold Schwarzenegger (4)
14) Tom DeLay (5)
14) Rush Limbaugh (5)
14) George Voinovich (5)
14) Chuck Hagel (5)
13) Andrew Sullivan (6)
11) Tucker Carlson (7)
11) Bob Novak (7)
9) Sean Hannity (8)
9) Rick Santorum (8)
8) Arlen Specter (10)
7) Jerry Falwell (15.5)
6) Bill O’Reilly (16)
5) Michael Savage (17)
4) Pat Robertson (19.5)
3) Ann Coulter (20)
2) John McCain (21)
1) Pat Buchanan (28)

Anybody they miss? Feel free to wax on, wax off. It’s a shame nobody thought to ask us.
Swill Salute to The Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill.

4 Responses to “If You Think The ‘Pat Twins’ (Buchanon & Robertson)…”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Wow, Coulter beat out Mike Savage. Mini-upset. But how does Arlen “Grim” Specter get classed “Man of the Right” BY the Right?

  2. Ken Summers says:

    Forget Specter, how the hell did Chafee get classified as “right”? Or Schwarzeneggar, for that matter?

  3. “Right” is the Republican mantle. You get draped with it whether it fits or not.

  4. And nobody mentioned Bingley!
    So I won’t.

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