Interesting report…..

from Gen Barry McCaffery. Good read on what is happening in Iraq.

The morale, fighting effectiveness, and confidence of U.S. combat forces continue to be simply awe-inspiring. In every sensing session and interaction – I probed for weakness and found courage, belief in the mission, enormous confidence in their sergeants and company grade officers, an understanding of the larger mission, a commitment to creating an effective Iraqi Army and Police, unabashed patriotism, and a sense of humor. All of these soldiers, NCOs and young officers were volunteers for combat. Many were on their second combat tour – several were on the third or fourth combat tour. Many had re-enlisted to stay with their unit on its return to a second Iraq deployment. Many planned to re-enlist regardless of how long the war went on.

He gives a pretty honest view from the ground.
Swill salute to QandO

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  1. Thank you for posting this; I do want to know how the soldiers feel and are doing – THAT”S ALL THAT COUNTS

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