Japanese Movie Theaters…

…sell such cool sh$t in the lobby.

(Late-night-three-glasses-o’wine photos are so glary. My apologies.)
I got this at a double feature in downtown Iwakuni. The movie(s) had Japanese subtitles running down the right hand side of the frame, in a gaudy yellow print and we were all royally grateful they weren’t dubbed. The other film showing was “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and yes. I have that poster, too, but I didn’t care much for that gruesome flick. I’m not sure if I should blame Kate Capshaw’s incessant caterwauling or the hearts being ripped out. No matter. I adore “The Search For Spock”, with it’s mystic themes. Damn. So many good lines. The Scotty quote mentioned in the post below and these two (which, while actually spoken in the prior movie, are pivotal in this one):

“These needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.”
And Spock, gasping his last breath in a hyper-radioactive environment after sacrificing himself to save the ship, makes sure to say…
“Jim. I have been…and always will be…your friend.”
And at the very end…
“Jim. Your name is…Jim”

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  1. Dave J says:

    Yeah, but Kirstie Alley was a better Saavik than Robin Curtis, who seemed like she was just going through the motions. In fact, while it had its moments, I always thought 3 was pretty weak compared to 2 or 4.
    Christopher Lloyd and John Laroquette as Klingons? OK, it worked. Somehow. And Klingons are just generally annoying and way overused, so for me to say that is something.

  2. Kirstie Alley?? YOU are smokin’ dope counselor.
    But oh my gosh, Christopher Lloyd with that “Put ‘im on the screen” cracked me up. I also liked Christopher Plummer madly quoting Shakespeare, so what do I know, as I also just like Chistopher Plummer. (gah-rrrowlll)
    I think the weakest part was the guy who played David, Kirk’s son. You knew he was doomed, so we were like ‘get rid of him already’, he was so cloying.

  3. And, like, go to bed already Dave! Jeez louise, it’s frickin’ 1 a.m. here in central time land, so Boston barristers should have been schnoozing loonngg ago.
    The difference of opinions will wait.

  4. The Real JeffS says:

    Well, I’m wide awake, THS, and I thought Kirstie Alley was not only a better Saavik, I thought she was smokin’ hot!!!!
    And in spite of her obvious aging, she remains an attractive woman. IMHO, anywho. ;-P
    Christopher Lloyd, OTOH, cracked me up as a Klingon. I mean, he did a good job, and it took me a while to figure out who he was (I disconnect my reality subroutine whilst watching SF movies), but I just can’t help thinking of “Taxi” when I see him.
    Christopher Plummer was an excellent Klingon. I actually cheered when that photon torpedo blasted him to smithereens!!!
    But that is a plain KEWL poster, THS! I’m jealous, I am! But, hey, you can’t have everything, eh? You have great taste in souvenirs.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    While I will grant that Kirstie was at one time a babe it must be stated that the only role for her now would as a certain aquatic species in a remake of Star Trek 4

  6. The Real JeffS says:

    I dunno, Mr. Bingley, add some make up, a latex mask, a fake beard, another 200 pounds of padding, and she ought to be able stand in the role of Michael Moore. Of course, she’ll have to behave like an idiot and not bath for a couple months…..

  7. …I thought she was smokin’ hot!!!!
    (As we used to call out when faced with an equally bemusing, nonsensical statement from a squadron underling, knowing there was only one possible explanation for it…)
    Piss test !!

  8. I thought Christopher Lloyd was an inspired choice when I heard and I never saw Taxi.
    I’ve been having hot flashes about Christopher Plummer, on the otherhand, since he was Captain Von Trapp. (Holy crap! He’s done voices for Grand Theft Auto! Hopefully none of those scenes you need a secret code for…{8^O !)

  9. Dave J says:

    I second all of Jeff’s comments. Kirstie Alley WAS hot before discovering her twin addictions to Scientology and Cheetos. As Rebecca, whe was also a brilliant addition to Cheers: funnier than Shelly Long as Diane ever was. There’s only so much you can squeeze out of being a snob as a shtick; by comparison, being a golddiger AND a loser has practically infinite potential.

  10. (That’s why we’re in Iraq, ladies and gentlemen, defending the right of the American male to be gooberheads.)
    Okay you guys. If you say so.
    UPDATE: I will concede that Kirstie Alley is a better looking Saavik. There.

  11. Nightfly says:

    Y’all are missing the point. Both Curtis and Alley are freakin’ goddesses next to Kim Catrall’s Valeris. Ugh. No wonder Vulcan men only get it on once every seven years.
    I always wanted to see Saavik pop up as a Commodore or something in Next Gen.
    The poster itself makes me truly envious – and this is coming from a guy with his own small cache of import CDs. I’m a liner-note guy, and it kills me being unable to read a lot of them. (With the newer stuff it’s not a problem, as the packaging is usually dual-language thanks to the increased crossover with the States.)
    BTW, Ms. Sister – if you really want a goofy Plummer fix, check him out as the evil Reverend in the Dragnet movie. You get to see him, Young Tom Hanks, and Dan Ackroyd in the “Wandering in the Desert” portion of his career. It’s a fine crappy 80s movie.

  12. Ooohhhhh, people envy me, bhuuwahahahaha!
    Actually, that’s pretty neat you think so, Diptera and JeffS. Bingley can tell you, I have a household of strange and wonderous things, that usually only mean something to us. Well, okay, me. It’s nice to be able to share. (I have an original Hildebrandt Star Wars poster too, that was tacked to my BR ceiling for a hundred years. I keep flippin’ everything.)

  13. And Kim Catrall is sleazier than dog schnoodles. Ick.

  14. The Real JeffS says:

    UPDATE: I will concede that Kirstie Alley is a better looking Saavik. There.
    [does victory dance around section area, draws strange stares from fellow military personnel]

  15. (Gloating is unbecoming.)

  16. Dave J says:

    “I always wanted to see Saavik pop up as a Commodore or something in Next Gen.”
    Hey, me too.
    “And Kim Catrall is sleazier than dog schnoodles.”
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you’re into that sort of thing. 😉

  17. Nightfly says:

    Dog schnoodles. Heheheheh. Now every time I see her I’ll be thinking, “Schnausages!” The pity of it is that she was kinda frisky in “Mannequin” and “Big Trouble in Little China.” (Gosh, now THAT’S some high-quality 80’s krep. We should have a kitchy movie night or something.) The Paramount folks should have let her keep the longish curly hair.

  18. Oh, blech. I’m trying to think what the male equivalant to her would be. Chaz Palmentieri is supposed to be sexy, is a B movie actor and creeps me out majorly. Somebody like that.

  19. I wasnt watching Mannequin for the quality, and certainly not because of Kim Catrall.

  20. (Be careful out there Andrew. To my undying shame, I wouldn’t know him if he showed up on the doorstep selling vacuum cleaners. Or underwear.)

  21. Dave J says:

    Andrew McCarthy, eh, Sharon? I suspect that as the size of a comment thread devoted to movies increases, the probability of it it becoming a discussion of St. Elmo’s Fire approaches 1. Mmmmm…22-year-old Demi Moore.

  22. The Real JeffS says:

    Mmmmmmm…..22 year old Sandra Bullock.

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