Just a quick bit of spleen venting….

but this whole deal about Murkowski running third party just set me off. At what point are the people in elected office going to get the message that they do not have lifetime appointments? Between Crist and her, I think folks need to start checking their egos at the door of the GOP tent. But Murk running on the L ticket? When was Pork added as a Libertarian Principle? Ugh.

2 Responses to “Just a quick bit of spleen venting….”

  1. greg newsom says:

    Everyone is on the dole,my friend.It’s all about getting security from one’s job.
    All the new creative ways to advance culture and science has been eaten-up by pensions and milking the middle-class.
    In ten years we’ll be in the Dark Ages.

  2. Sheets Byrd was 300 years old and on his deathbed and he still wouldn’t give it up. Spector was 80 and degraded himself in ourder to stay in. Need I mention McCain? Tey will not leave willingly.

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