Lebanon Nabs the Pudgy Trouble Maker

Cleric Bakri arrested in Beirut
…He was held in the capital Beirut after giving a TV interview in which he said he would only return to Britain as a visitor but not as a persona non grata.

And WTF does that statement mean? Anyway, unless they charge him, he’s only in the hoosegow for 48 hours.

He said that he had been living in England since 1986 and added that he had been subjected to harassment in Britain.

Oh, I’ll bet. The old ‘why is everybody always pickin’ on me‘ defense. If the Lebanese have to let him go and the Brits let him back in ~ or better yet, snatch him up ~ I sure hope he’s subject to more than just harassment.
UPDATE: Looks like old Omar might have itinerary troubles.

Britain bars radical Muslim cleric’s reentry
Plans deportation of 10 others in wake of tough new anti-terror laws
LONDON – Britain on Friday barred radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri from returning to the country that was his home for the past 20 years, saying his presence was no longer “conducive to the public good.” The decision came as the country’s top legal official defended plans to deport another radical Muslim cleric and nine other foreigners suspected of posing a threat to national security.

What a pity.

4 Responses to “Lebanon Nabs the Pudgy Trouble Maker”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    The Charlie Brown defense!

  2. News just in!
    British Home Secretary has banned Bakri from re-entry, says his presence is “not conducive to the public good!”
    You can say that again!

  3. Ken Summers says:

    Much like swallowing Drano is not conducive to good health.

  4. So I guess no one’s got a spare couch, eh?
    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

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