Let Me See If I Understand…

Karl Rove is Evuul Incarnate, and it is a Bad Thing that he is pulling all the strings in Washington. This is a given, no?
So why is my glorious Senator Laughenberg upset that he was not in DC when Rita arrived?

WASHINGTON (AP) — A senator from New Jersey is criticizing White House adviser Karl Rove for planning to attend a North Dakota fundraiser the same day Hurricane Rita is expected to hit Texas.
Democrat Frank Lautenberg sent a letter to President Bush Friday saying “it would be expected that Mr. Rove would be at his post ’24/7′ during this crisis.”

You would think they’d be rejoicing that Sauron was off to inspect the Gulags in North Dakota.
Heck, even the Democrats think he’s swell:

“Rove is putting politics over people,” said Rick Gion, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party. “What is he doing politicking in North Dakota when the people of the Gulf Region need his help?


One Response to “Let Me See If I Understand…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Interesting. I wasn’t aware that hurricane relief was part of the job description of a White House advisor/strategist/chief of staff/evil minion.
    Learn something new everyday

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