Minivans Have Friends In High Places

The Minivan Manly Men Club gets a new member.
UPDATE: At least he’s got a job now.

The vote was 78-22.

21 Responses to “Minivans Have Friends In High Places”

  1. Cullen says:

    It’s cool to be in good company!

  2. Crusader says:

    Proof he has already gone over to the Dark Side. He and Ginsgurg will prolly have drinks after work from now on….

  3. Why does he have that ‘deer in the ambulance headlights’ look, getting caught by the papparazzi in one then? (If it’s so manly I mean…nothing to be ashamed of…not sissy pissy soccer mom-ish in anyway…requiring minimal gonads, to use the scientific term…huh?)

  4. Cullen says:

    Most of the soccer moms I see these days drive SUVs. MiniVan men are manly enough to care about the protection of their passengers.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Us Manly Minivan Men are comfortable enough with our emasculinity that we long ago dispensed with our gonads for scientific research.

  6. Cullen says:

    long ago dispensed with our gonads for scientific research
    Yours aren’t in your wife’s purse?

  7. Ken Summers says:

    The Minivan Manly Men Club got a second member?
    I bet my judge doesn’t drive a m*****n.

  8. Ken Summers says:

    And Cullen, they’re not in his wife’s purse, they’re hanging from the mirror.

  9. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yours aren’t in your wife’s purse?
    They are the purse.

  10. WunderKraut says:

    I am so proud of my mini-van. I really am. I have the house in the suburbs, over 2.5 kids, and my wife stays at home and we drive a mini-van. All I need now is a dog. I am living the American dream.
    But I AM in debt up to my eye balls. Oh well. Stupid easy credit 🙂

  11. Ken Summers says:

    2.5 kids? That just tears my heart out…

  12. Cullen says:

    But I AM in debt up to my eye balls. Oh well. Stupid easy credit 🙂

  13. For Mr. Bingley, wherever you may find him

    Tying together this thread with an unpublished (and unpublishable) thread. Bingley will understand….

  14. Cullen says:

    On topic, this is a pretty telling list, no?
    Democrats voting no:
    Evan Bayh of Indiana
    Joseph Biden of Delaware
    Barbara Boxer of California
    Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
    Jon Corzine of New Jersey
    Mark Dayton of Minnesota
    Dick Durbin of Illinois
    Dianne Feinstein of California
    Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts
    John Kerry of Massachusetts
    Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey
    Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
    Barack Obama of Illinois
    Harry Reid of Nevada
    Charles Schumer of New York
    Debbie Stabenow of Michigan
    Jack Reed of Rhode Island
    Tom Harkin of Iowa
    Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
    Paul Sarbanes of Maryland
    Maria Cantwell of Washington
    Daniel Akaka of Hawaii

  15. Ken Summers says:

    Telling, and predictable.

  16. Nightfly says:

    NY, NJ, Mass, and Maryland – 0 fer 8. Criminy. I think there was one handrwitten vote, in crayon, for Eliot Spitzer…

  17. The Real JeffS says:

    I see Maria Cantwell (D-WA) voted “NO”; that means Patty Murray (D-WA) voted “YES”. Interesting, especially since I voted FOR Cantwell, but AGAINST Murray.
    I view Cantwell as more mainstream and intelligent than Murray. Cantwell tends to consider her positions much more carefully. I don’t always agree with her, but her approach is far more intelligent. I suspect that Cantwell had considered reasons for voting against this nomination. Likely, I disagree, but she had her reasons.
    Murray, OTOH, often opens her mouth merely to change feet. Murray is on record as spewing that old false meme of “Osama built hospitals but America didn’t”; in some ways, she’s a less intelligent version of Hillary (a frightening thought, to be sure).
    I wonder if Murray is playing the “Oh-but-I-am-moderate-see-how-I-voted” game here. Which is odd, given that Washington State tends to vote left (thanks to the California Colonization Of Western Washington).
    As Hillary quietly voted against Roberts, I am really scratching my head here. I don’t recall that Murray’s re-election was all that close.

  18. Nightfly says:

    Hil did it to encourage her base that all that rumbling about border control is a smokescreen.

  19. Emily says:

    Funny, I would have guessed the baby-eater drove an SUV death beast.

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