More Than I EVER

wanted to know.

Rudy rakes in the cash
…Some are grumbling that the former mayor of New York City is rumored to have received what has been called a “staggering sum” of “something in the region of” more than $85,000 for speaking to the British Local Government Association’s annual conference…
…The speech was well-received, however — although it was interrupted. “He had to leave the podium mid-speech because, he said, a brush with prostate cancer sometimes left him caught short,” according to the London Times’ account taken from the Local Government Chronicle. “Was this the most expensive pee in local government history, LGC wonders.”

One Response to “More Than I EVER…”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Heheheheh. That is so British tabloid. The Times are stooping, eh wot?
    I want the whole works – “Skip to My Loo” headlines, ridiculous quotes from Ken Livingstone, and an op-ed cartoon of Blair and Howard “standing firmly behind Rudy.”

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