No, No And Flock (of Seagulls) NO!

Joe ScrewYourBorough, debonair TV personality, ex Congressman re-elected with 79% of the vote in 2000, only to bugger out a couple months later to ‘spend time with his children’, erstwhile partner-for-face-value-only in one of the most successful LIBERAL law firms in the country while having practised law for a whopping four years before going politico and wanna-be-rocknroller-like-Keanu-Reeves is NOW thinkin’ about…
bein’ a Senator.

Scarborough for Senate?
Republicans press ex-congressman to face Harris
Republican Party leaders are courting Joe Scarborough to replace U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris in the 2006 Senate race against Bill Nelson.
Scarborough, a cable TV talk-show host and former U.S. representative, has met with senior party officials who are encouraging him to challenge Harris, said Collier Merrill, a Pensacola businessman active in the Republican Party, on Tuesday.

I notice nowhere in this puff piece does it mention his time looking pretty on pretentious billboards with Fred Levin and company.

In that event, we know who would be representing the people. That’s right! The Levin law firm! Their new billboard on Highway 98 shows 15 feet of smiles flashed by Mike Papantonio, Fred Levin and our very own former U.S. representative: Joe Scarborough. They say they’re “for the people.”

I vastly prefer Katharine Harris’s badly put on make-up to ScrewYourBorough’s put on face.
But they’re both losers.
I wanna vote JEB.

3 Responses to “No, No And Flock (of Seagulls) NO!”

  1. guinsPen says:

    No honest Republican could put up with PMSNBC as long as he has.

  2. Oh yeah, guins. Oh YEAH.
    He’s such a poser. He lost us in the Panhandle after we tidal waved him into reelection and he quit a couple months later. His children. Okay, nasty divorce, congressman’s gone a lot, blahblahblah. We’re family types, we understand. Then the same guy who costs us a new election for his ‘children’ is a face for the Levin firm and jetting off to NY for his TV show. He tapes most of it (or did) now from the PBS station here in P-cola, but had already squandered his hero status with the locals by the time that got done. We didn’t fall off the cabbage truck yesterday. Scuttlebutt was he was pissed that he hadn’t gotten an appointment after being their bulldog down here during the recount, but hey! Don’t be such a piss ant. You owe the people who trusted you enough to vote for you, before an administration owes you a cushy chair.

  3. Dave J says:

    I’ve briefly met both him and Kathy Harris and, as people, I actually like them both, but I REALLY don’t want either of them to be the GOP nominee. First off, Bill Nelson’s an underestimated political talent and both of them bring their own baggage to the contest…and that’s BEFORE the campaign’s even started and things actually get ugly, which they will. And second, even assuming either of them won, it’d mean just another lightweight to sit next to Martinez (though, in fairness, neither of them is quite as bad as he is in the “useless empty suit” category).
    As far as know, Jeb’s not interested. Of the relatively likely candidates, I’d like to see Charlie Crist in the job. He’s made a good go at being AG, but he’s really happier in (and more suited to) a legislative environment.
    Of course, out of Florida politicians more generally–and this is not JUST ass-kissing–I think my old boss Tom Feeney would do great at it as well, though he seems content building his power base and reputation in the House for now. I think he could easily become Speaker after whenever Hastert retires: there’s no way they’ll pass the gavel to Tom Delay. In the long term, I have no doubt Feeney has his eyes on a gubernatorial run and then the White House. He’s truly the most ambitious person I’ve ever seen.

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