Nobel Laureate Says World Must Abandon Nuclear Weapons


“We are in a race against time,” the 63-year-old Egyptian chief U.N. nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei said about efforts to keep nuclear weapons away from terrorists. “Imagine that the only nuclear weapons remaining are the relics in our museums. Imagine the legacy we could leave to our children,” he said.
“It would also be nice if I could score some Yankees’ tickets. And a date with Anna Nicole Smith would be nice,” he added.
As ElBaradei received his peace award, Iran’s top nuclear official said his country would enrich uranium and produce nuclear fuel, despite an international drive to curb such efforts. Enolagayzee Aghazadeh, head of the Happy Atomic Organization of Iran, did not say when the processes would begin. Enolagayzee denies Iran’s nuclear program is aimed at developing weapons, but rather devices he refered to as “Kool Kafir Kleaners,” adding that the cleaning would be “da bomb.”

8 Responses to “Nobel Laureate Says World Must Abandon Nuclear Weapons”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    To escape self-destruction, the world must make atomic weapons as much of a taboo as slavery or genocide, ElBaradei said in his acceptance speech.
    Well, we are ska-rooooed, then, since the UN seems to enable those “taboos”, rather than supress.
    Excuse me, I have to dig a fall out shelter in the back yard……….

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    So long mom, I’m off to drop the bomb
    so don’t wait up for me…

  3. Fausta says:

    Tell ya what, Mo, let’s drop all the atomic weapons that you find!

  4. njcons says:

    He also said in his speach that Terrorist are trying very hard to get nukes. So of couurse no one should take any actions against the Iranians who sure as shooting are going to give terrorists nukes to hit Isreal and the US.

  5. Ken Summers says:

    And we will all go together when we go,
    All suffused with an incandescent glow…

  6. peteb says:

    So he wants to put himself out of a job? What’s the pension plan?
    btw “And a date with Anna Nicole Smith would be nice”.. A date with Anna Nicole Smith would probably kill him.. Oh, and Anna wants to know what’s the pension plan is too.

  7. Abandon them? We haven’t even perfected them yet!
    We need Weather-beating Katrina-Nukes to put the chill on Global Warming and defeat Twisters everywhere, some cute little Oreo-Nukes that fit in a Crackerjack box and kids can take to school, and most especially Bigass Asteroid-Nukes and the Asteroid-Nuke Launch Vehicle Delivery System…

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    New Nabisco ‘Nutter Nukes!

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