Note to the St. Pauli Girl:

Cover that SH$T UP !!

Beer maids cover up? Dirndl if we will
Bavarians are hot under the collar over a European Union directive that beer garden barmaids cover up, supposedly to protect them from the sun.
Brewery owners, politicians and some of the women themselves have condemned the legislation as absurd, claiming the “tan ban”, as it has been nicknamed, will destroy a centuries-old tradition.
Bavarian barmaids typically dress in a costume known as a dirndl – a dress and apron with a tight, low-cut top and a short white blouse. Under the EU’s Optical Radiation Directive, employers of staff who work outdoors must ensure they cover up against the risk of sunburn. Bavarian bar keepers have been told that the dirndl will have to be replaced.

I’ll bet the French are behind this. Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the bad news…
UPDATE: Author of said “Optical Radiation Directive” identified by secret EU government source in Novak column. (You can keep reading, but you have to promise not to tell Joe Wilson…)

This secret source told Novak
this guy wrote it.
Oh yes. The truth will out. And let the games begin.

2 Responses to “Note to the St. Pauli Girl:”

  1. Nightfly says:

    The Optical Radiation Directive?!? Does Section II ban Superman from using his heat or x-ray vision in Europe? This must stem from last year’s failed Extraordinary Gravity-Defiance Act.

  2. The Real JeffS says:

    If the EU needs something to cover up the exposed bosoms of Bavarian barmaids in order to protect them from excessive solar radiation, I hereby volunteer for this extremely hazardous duty.

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