Oh My Gosh

This is so macabre. I just switched to the Weather Channel, just as the radar was on. There’s the swirl of the first part of the eye wall and they’ve got their damn goofy music. Lalalala. What a hoot. I think Jim Cantore did this. He’s always wanted to be at the dead center and got his wish on us. Pffft! He must pay me back for causing me distress with sexual favors.

2 Responses to “Oh My Gosh”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    He caused you distress with sexual favors? Wow. That’s really sad for him. Perhaps someone should take up a collection and buy him some lessons…

  2. Perhaps it was the stress of the situation that caused me to be unclear. I apologise and elucidate.
    Jim Cantore’s perpetual quest of the perfect storm caused him to be in Pensacola. The unmitigating force of his desire to be front and center during a natural disaster, while still being able to retreat to his home of record with a shower and nightlights in the aftermath, hath caused him to rain down upon Pensacola a tempest of ill-imagining and inducing robust nervous fevers in female residents. For my suffering, he owes me sexual obeisance. (And at least four other emotionally scarred girls in the ‘hood’. Taking numbers, ladies..??) Until I feel calmed, say ‘stop’ and promise to respect him in the morning.

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