Oh Yeah, That’ll Make a Difference

First GM, now McDonald’s. Clueless, completely clueless.

Mickey D’s wants to make workers ‘phat’?
Report says McDonald’s had asked Tommy Hilfiger, P. Diddy, among others, for a ‘uniform’ makeover…
“We’re looking at how do we make our uniforms more appealing, more desirable*,” Bill Lamar, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s (Research) USA, was quoted in the report as saying.

Okay, Lucy, lemme ‘splain this one. More. Time. It’s a PRODUCT and CUSTOMER SERVICE/lack there of issue. Both of those need to be “more appealing, more desirable”, before some sweaty teenager at the register’s polo shirt. AND I could give a rat’s ass what your uniforms look like, when the doofusses enrobed in them stack a BigMac with the two hamburger patties in one layer and the cheese in the other. Routinely.
Yeah, Micky D’s. Welcome to my world.
*emph. mine

3 Responses to “Oh Yeah, That’ll Make a Difference”

  1. Dave J says:

    Every few months, it seems I’ll go to McDonald’s and rediscover why I usually DON’T go to McDonald’s. Even most other fast food is a huge step up.

  2. The Real JeffS says:

    Well, if they had something like Hooters attire, I might go more often. But that might seriously restrict their pool of potential employees.

  3. Like it would matter. They’ve done the jacked up BigMac thing to me twice and last time completely forgot to build me one at all and that’s EEE-nuff. A BigMac used to be a shameless indulgence, a reward for denying myself other yummies. And they BLEW IT.
    Phat uni’s and fruit with yogurt. They’ve lost their little pin-head corporate minds.

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