Once Hidden in Shame, Vietnam Medals Shine

As they should!

Four decades after divisive war, veterans reclaim honors — and pride
PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Still in his Army greens, William Tallerdy barely had both feet back on American soil when a man came up to him, demanding to know if he was returning from Vietnam. Then, right there in the airport, the heckler punched the veteran in the face.
Tallerdy exploded. The police and his relatives had to restrain him.
Soon after, he threw out his war ribbons. That was 1967.

“I was always proud of my military service,” said Tallerdy, who is now 57 and lives in Cheyenne, Wyo. “It was just that people made me feel like scum.”

Bless his heart! I would be hard pressed to name the greater injustice; the way their Government waged war or the way their fellow countrymen treated them on their return. John Kerry/Jane Fonda and their wannabes of the world have alot to answer for. And be ashamed of.

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