Order Must Be Restored

We can not let an american city become Port au Prince or Abidjan or Baghdad. Looters must be shot.
Sorry. It’s ugly and harsh and unbelieveable that this could happen, but it can not be allowed to go unchecked and spread. We are in for an extremely long and difficult time, and order must be re-established now.

2 Responses to “Order Must Be Restored”

  1. You know, if they’d declared Martial Law immediately (like Haley Barbour was pilloried for doing) and those 3 cops left downtown shot someone in the first day, I’ll bet the farm the ‘looting’ would be maybe a quarter of what it is now, if that. The knowledge that one can be blasted free of the usual protections for the same crime can be an extraordinary deterrent.

  2. Crusader says:

    Exactly. Shoot them. Heck, give me a decent perch with a decent field of view, throw in expenses aad the ammo for my Remington 700 .243, and heck, I’d help them do it.

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