Save Yourself The Commission Expenses…

I’ll betcha any Average Joe could tell you, or make a damn fine start of it.

Muslims Demand Inquiry in London Bombings
Britain’s Muslim leaders demanded a judicial inquiry Wednesday into what motivated the four “homegrown” suicide bombers who targeted London, as Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed an international conference on rooting out Islamic extremism.

Especially since you know that somewhere in the excuses list would be the ‘you brought dat sh$t on yo self‘ line.

“The scale of disenchantment amongst Muslim youth is very clear to see,” said Inayat Bungalwala of the Muslim Council of Britain. “Various factors are at play: underachievement in education; a high rate of unemployment; discrimination in the workplace; social exclusion, and also the government’s own policies, especially in Iraq.”

And there it is ~ right on cue. How pathetic. And how dare they? Instead of looking inward at their twisted, repressive society ~ one which makes no effort to mesh with either the real world or their adopted homelands ~ they demand answers from the very people their hatred has victimized. The same Brits whose generous nature has allowed these newcomers to maintain the insular communities that spawn such monsters. Muslim leaders are looking to divert attention from the ugly truths surrounding them and the perversion that is the Islam they teach. Opposition to war is ever so easily manipulated into something else ~ a smokescreen, and canny mullahs will take advantage of every navel gazing bleeding heart. Liberals will be all too quick to take up the clarion call as it suits their purposes and, as time grows distant from the shock of the subway horror, the noise will drown out the truth. If they let it. All the while pudgy faced, well fed Islamic lads will keep trucking off to Pakistan for summer learn-to-kill camps.
Before British society turns its gaze on itself as a root cause of such evil, British society needs to point a lazer beam into Leeds and cauterize the festering wound there. British society should be the ones demanding answers from Muslim leaders, and not the other way around.
UPDATE: Well, well, well. Check out Drudge.

Wed Jul 20 2005 20:20:53 ET
Terror investigators hunting the London bombing mastermind are to question a suspected Al Qaeda planner held in Pakistan.
British-born Haroon Rashid Aswad was seized at a religious school with a suicide bomb belt, explosives and GBP 13,000 in cash

As I said, who should be demanding the answers here?
UPDATE II: Norm Geras at normblog has something to say concerning navel gazers in today’s Guardian. And does he ever say it.

5 Responses to “Save Yourself The Commission Expenses…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Fuck them. They don’t like British society, they can damn well go home.

  2. Ken Summers says:

    And, just by the by, Red Ken was right on cue, too. Commie prick.

  3. WunderKraut says:

    Dead on. If militant Islam is one thing, it is predictable. Out of the woodwork come all the people with excuses for mass murderers…Amazing. Sometimes I wonder if maybe our “decadent” Western culture has allowed us to much free time to become apologists for mass murderers. I mean, if we were all working out asses off for 14 hours a day, then we would not have time to navel gaze and feel guilty for how rich and powerful we are.
    I need a drink.

  4. The Real JeffS says:

    Stupid. Of course, as long as we have stupid leftie apologists (like Red Ken), the militant Islamists will keep on cranking out suicide bombers.
    I hope for irony here — that Red Ken is inside the blast radius of a suicide bomber.

  5. Ken Summers says:

    With Galloway cuffed to him.

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