The ‘Cajones Grandes Award of the Day’

Good on ‘im!

Unprecedented Shuttle Repair a Success
…Astronaut Stephen Robinson said both pieces came out easily. He did not have to use a makeshift hacksaw put together in orbit that he brought along just in case.
“That came out very easily, probably even less force,” Robinson said of the second piece. “I don’t see any more gap filler. … I’m doing my own inspection here. It is a very nice orbital belly.”…
…It was the first time an astronaut has ventured beneath the ship.

Get home in one piece, ya’ll. That’s all we want.

One Response to “The ‘Cajones Grandes Award of the Day’”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yeah, I would think that a safe landing is a rather better standard of “success”.

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