Too Much Government

Oh well CRAP. Another career choice harpooned by bureaucracy. The lead-in for our Fox10 News at 9…

If you’re gonna take your clothes off for a living…
…you better have a permit

…crushed every hope I ever had of breaking these chains that bind me. I was willing to leave my sash on again, too.
UPDATE: Just overheard on Powerlunch on CNBC; an interview with Charles Gordon, CFO of Eli Lilly, discussing the company’s future prospects.

“Cialis is doing great! It’s the number one ED treatment in France…blahblahblah…
I think we can keep it up!”

And here I thought that was the idea the whole time…
Take it away, Bingley!

4 Responses to “Too Much Government”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Over the weekend we had a few guests in from out of town, so of course we took them to the beach next to the nudie beach. Let me tell you, all the permits we saw should have been denied…

  2. NJ Sue says:

    Yes, the glimpse of wrinkled middle-aged naked men, even at 500 feet, is an excellent disincentive for our young daughter to become interested in the opposite sex.

  3. Ken Summers says:

    So go get the permit, Sis. We’ll wait.

  4. I’ve got to set up a Paypal button first, Mr. Summers. And then solicit…for Paypal permit contributions. This is all turning out to be almost more work than it’s worth. Especially when I get to hear how my niece spends her weekends. (I’m calling the Welfare, don’t think I’m not.)

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