V-22: Flying Pork?

Here’s a troubling article on this expensive program:

In September 2005, the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor failed its second Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL); it failed its first one in 2000. However, a friend of the V-22 program wrote the OPEVAL report to hide these failures. The OPEVAL report was withheld from release until Sept. 27, 2005 when a Defense Department panel met and rubberstamped it for full production after no analysis of the OPEVAL report. This article shows how the V-22 failed OPEVAL the second time as well. Note that a KPP is a Key Performance Parameter. If an aircraft is unable to meet it’s KPPs, it is considered a failure. KPPs are not dreamed up by evil critics, but by Marine aviators who expect the aircraft to easily meet that minimal standard. The basic purpose of an OPEVAL is to verify that KPPs are demonstrated.

Not only is this troubling from a Porkbusting Budgeting standpoint, it is even more disturbing when one thinks of how many Marines are going to risk their lives in this thing.

3 Responses to “V-22: Flying Pork?”

  1. Not Ebola. He’s not allowed to fly it ~ I’ve already told him that.

  2. Nightfly says:

    How can any decent human being be a friend of a machine at the probable cost of soldier’s lives?

  3. Nightfly says:

    (Ah, hell… Please forgive the apostrophe. It’s blargin’ late as Hades.)

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