What’s with this?

Why is this a big deal? Am I missing something? These kids are the ones who are more likely to be killed by one of the Hiz folks, but they are not allowed to express their feelings about the conflict? It is not as though the are the ones pulling the trigger.
Bingley Update: Looks like Crusader and I were working on the same post at the same time…here’s my edition:
I guess I slept through the latest ‘scandal’ to strike the Zionsphere:

In the public relations battle brewing on-line, there is a new eye to the center of the storm surrounding the war with Hizbullah – a series of photos showing Israeli children writing messages on shells meant for targets in Lebanon.
Questions over the photos’ authenticity have been put to rest by authorities that were present during the incident, which occurred on July 17 near the northern border. The mostly local children had been brought to see the shells by their parents. Although it remains unclear who encouraged them to write the messages, their colorful scribbles, including a Star of David, hearts, and “From Israel, with Love,” have appeared in dozens of blogs, or on-line journals, and on-line photo hosting sites.

Sorry, I have no problem with this. Those poor kids have grown up never knowing if some crazy-assed jihadist is going to blow up their school or their bus, and some bastards who don’t blink when PLO or Hamas let their kids dress up as suicide bombers for parades get their panties twisted over this? Go Israel!

An official close to Israel’s public relations campaign said that there was “no way” to spin the incident in a positive light. “Some people are simply irresponsible,” said the official.

I see it as very positive, a people fighting back. Go Israel!

5 Responses to “What’s with this?”

  1. mojo says:

    “But we’re BETTER than them, don’t you see?”
    “Nope. Not better, just smarter. And honester, if that’s a word.”

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    No one had any trouble with everyone in WW2 writing on the planes and bombs.

  3. Mike Rentner says:

    It’s a brave new world. You’re not supposed to actually be in favor of a war anymore.
    It reminds me of the hullaballoo about the kids dressed up as suicide bombers. Same thing.

  4. I’m sending over a money order so they can buy ‘day-glo’ pens.

  5. As long as a five year old isn’t using truly obscene language ~ no worse than your basic “die, you scum sucking pigs” ~ what’s to worry? Of course, the teenagers are free to express themselves as they see fit. Just keep those shells away from the little ones.

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