When You Need To Travel Indognito…

…grab yourself one of these for Fang.

Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media are saying things like;
“We want to breed these dogs out of existence,”
“They are killing machines on a leash.”
“These breeds don’t belong in our community”
Well worry no longer, Attachchi will be making disguises for all the so called ‘dangerous breeds’. Now you can go to the park with your kids and your dog (like you have been doing for years), without the worry of people thinking you are a bad parent. All our Invisible Breed Products™ are currently FREE to to responsible dog owners.
Ultra Poodle Disguise Kit for Dobermans™

Kit includes;
– ‘Tibet’ fake fur pieces (4 ankle pieces, one body piece, head piece and tail attachment)
– Safe suit fitting method statement and instructions.
– High Quality duct tape
– Under harness
– Black face paint (safe for dogs)

And you get…


Other kits available.

4 Responses to “When You Need To Travel Indognito…”

  1. Nightfly says:

    That’s one ticked Doberman. Are we sure this solution doesn’t just make things worse?

  2. Can you imagine? Did you click through to the page? They have a series of photos showing them dressing this poor dog up. He has GOT to be the mellowest doberman ever.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    So that’s how the Germans got past the Maginot line…

  4. Bill McCabe says:

    My friend at work likes to say that pit bulls are the nicest, kindest and most playful dogs you’ll ever meet.
    Right up until the moment where they rip the neighbor kid’s face off.

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