Whoever Made These Maps

Can kiss my gringo ass en la ventana de Macys, mkay?

3 Responses to “Whoever Made These Maps”

  1. Susanna says:

    The map-makers are the lovely people from Humane Borders in Tucson. As a former Tucsonan (it’s been a little over three months since I left), I am not surprised those morons are still operating and spreading their brand of benevolence and goodwill.
    My mother’s newest idea is that we start training the Nat’l Guard on the border. They’ve got to train somewhere, so why not put a presence at the border? As the Minutemen have proven, ANY presence is a deterrent. A hefty military presence, complete with folks who are just learning to use their rifles (oops! shot you in the culo, amigo!), might be a very good solution.

  2. All hell broke lose when that poor Marine shot the Mexican shepard supposedly firing at coyotes years ago. I don’t see it working.

  3. Whoa!! Looks like there’s Tijuana Gold in them there border crossings!

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